Manhattan Gm. Should I?

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  1. I want to get a manhattan GM.

    Can it be carried on the shoulder?
    Is it functional?
    What does the inside look like?

    Does anyone has a pic carrying this bag?

    Thank you so much. I want to get it before Jun 12 to save some money...:sad:
  2. yessss. my sister has one and it looks AWESOME when worn.

    i don't think you can carry it on the shoulder very comfortably though. my sister's petite (tiny) and very slender and she carries it just by one strap when she wants to use her other hands for something.

    the inside has one pocket, if i remember correctly :smile: very roomy. but the bag is pretty heavy itself.

    i know a few people who have the GM and they don't have any regrets about getting it.

    get it get it get it :biggrin:
  3. Thank you leeloo for your honest opinion.

    Between Hudson and Manhattan GM, which one do you think is prettier?
  4. go for the Hudson!
  5. hmm...i think it would depend on your personal taste and how you like to carry your bags.

    if you prefer carrying it on your shoulder, go with the hudson since it has a longer strap. it would be much more comfortable than trying to carry the GM under your arm.

    my choice would be the manhattan...i don't know but it just looks grand? is that the right word? :biggrin:

    i guess the manhattan is a good bag if you need or like to carry lots of stuff (inclduing the kitchen sink) with you. but i remember my sister laughing and saying "hahah look! i can fit sooo much junk in here" and at the end of the day she was stuffing about half of her bag contents into mine because it got too heavy.

    good luck on your quest, Jason :biggrin:
  6. I just got the Hudson!!! I posted pics. The bag is so sharp looking on. The manhattan gm is pretty to but quite a few people have complained how heavy it is. Good luck with your choice!!
  7. I have also heard that it is very heavy, only negative about the bag.
  8. It is a great bag.
  9. They are both gorgeous, but I would choose the Manhattan.
  10. poupetteluxe has one on sale right now
  11. go for the manhattan gm! i totally love this bag! it just screams LV!!!
  12. I have the Manhattan GM, and I LOVE IT! It is a heavy bag, though. I can't get mine on my shoulder, but my friend is tiny and she can. Post pictures of what you get!
  13. Here is a pic of it on me. Im 5'9. Its a big bag but I love it!