Manhattan GM, PM or Batignolles Horizontal?

  1. Well,
    I want to buy a bag that I can use a lot for long time.

    I really wanted BH for my everyday bag, I think it can be a practical everyday bag. But it looks kind of flimsy and too boring. To me, it lacks "wow" factor.

    I am also dying to get a Manhattan GM for long time. It looks so "wow" and exquisite. But I am afraid it might not be suitable to carry everyday since it is too "wow".. So, I am now considering PM instead of GM.. But if I am spending $1500, shouldn't I spend a bit more and go for GM?

    See, I am struggling.:sweatdrop: Please help me to decide. I do not want to buy a bag and regret in a month (especially if I buy a Manhattan). So, ladies, Let me know how often do you use your Manhattan GM or PM, are you happy with them?


  2. I want a Manhattan GM, so you should get one. So at least one of us has one =[. I heard most people complain about the strap, but found a way to adjust to it. For everyday I say BH, or MP. For an everyday "WOW" i say MG!
  3. I would choose the Manhattan GM as well. It looks better, IMO.
  4. Personally I love the BH. I don't own one, but it's been a bag I've had my eye on. It's light weight, spacious and I think it looks great and casual plus it's not as common as something like a speedy.

    The Manhattan's are nice, but they're pretty heavy with all the hardware and I find they're not as casual and comfortable.

    So I say BH!!
  5. Manhattan PM!!!

    You are so right about BH and Manhattan GM, so everything in moderation right? (wait...i dunno if this saying fits here lol....) anyhoo, get the PM!!!!! :biggrin: Oh as for spending a bit more to get the GM.... well I really don't htink money is the issue here, or at least for me no, so get what YOU like and what is most suitable for your lifestyle:biggrin:
  6. I have the BH as one of my work bags and it's amazing. Plus, it's a lot of LV for its price.

    However, I've always lusted after the manhattan GM and have tried it on every time I go to LV.

    I'd definitely get the GM over the PM. It might be a lot for an everyday bag, but I've seen so many people carry it with such grace I'm in awe.
  7. Either get the BH AND the PM (manhattan) as they are roughly the same as a Gm right? or just get the Manhattan GM. Personally I saw BH and Manhattan PM, as the BH will suit u daily and the PM wan be used when ur feeling like it, plus I have ALWAYS thought the PM was MUCH more beautiful than the GM. The GM's strap also looks ANNOYING as he**! Haha hth!
  8. hehe! you are bad!!! lol:p actually that's a great idea, get BOTH!!!:yahoo:
  9. The BH plus PM would be $2,160. Which is $290 more than the GM (which is $1,870)

    I agree, if you can spend an extra $290 I would get both the BH and PM.
  10. The Manhattan PM is gorgeous, the GM is huge, even on me and I'm 5'7". I love the BH because of it's versatility - it's my new carry on bag, but also will be perfect for work and for all day shopping trips. I think they are so different you should decide what it's primary purpose will be, then decide on the bag...
  11. i bought my BH and Manhattan PM at the same time. ever since, i can't use any other bag than Manhattan most fav and my vote!:p :heart: i miss her when i'm not with her!!!!! it fits quite a bit (*i have pics of what fits in my collection on last page* ) and i can even wear it on my shoulder when i needed (to chase my toddler).... i hardly use my BH, too bad that i bought it when it was $815!!! agh!:push: :roflmfao:
  12. U KNOW IT! :p *Rishin snaps her fingers and purses her lips while channeling the black diva within herself!* HAHA! :roflmfao:
  13. Manhattan GM is :nuts:

    But for an everyday bag, you may get tired of the buckles, so I'd go w/ the Manhattan PM
  14. I'd go with Manhattan PM. I have it and I always feel like the centre of attention every time I carry it around. It's a perfect everyday bag. Granted it is more "wow" than the BH but for me it's worth it :smile:
  15. My vote is for the BH!