Manhattan GM Pic

  1. Someone was asking to see a pic of the Manhattan GM I bought. It's not the best lighting and I only managed to snap one before my batteries died but I figured it was better than nothing!!

  2. Great bag.
  3. Very nice!
  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!! Congrats!!!!

    Could you take a pic of you holding it???????? Please?????? I am thinking about buying it!!!!!!!
  5. Wow, that is one hot bag!
  6. :love::love: :love: Thanks for sharing!
  7. Thanks girls!! Just waiting for my camera batteries to charge and then I'll get some more pics up as soon as I can!! :yes:

    I thought it would look way too huge on me when I first got it (I'm only 5'3) but it actually looks great. :heart: :heart: :heart:
  8. AHH KIMM i love it

    thanks for the pic!!!!!!!!
  9. I think that is the most fab mono bag out right now!!! :love: Enjoy it!!!!
  10. Thank you so much!!

    Everytime I look at this bag I get a HUGE smile on my face!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    I'll take some more pics of me carrying it tomorrow (I'm in my pj's right now!!) and be sure to post them. :yes:

    Thanks for all the nice replies. :shame:
  11. Just lovely! Enjoy! :smile:
  12. Great bag!!! CONGRATS!!!:love:
  13. It's beautiful! I'd snap it up at the store if it didn't look so big on me... :cry: CONGRATS!
  14. Wow, don't you just love the way it looks when it's totally brand new? Almost makes you want to never use it, lol. :smile:
  15. Great pic!!! I got mine a last week and have been carrying it all week long and I LOVE IT!! Its definitely FABULOUS! Congrats on such a great bag! I had posted a pic of me carrying it. Its big but I think its great for every day!