Manhattan GM Owners!!!

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  1. Hey Girls! I'm seriously thinking of purchasing a Manhattan GM. I would really appreciate if any Manhattan GM owners could tell me a bit about theirs and post some pictures if possible thank you.

    Also some questions: Does it only come in Monogram Canvas?
    Is it convinient for everday use?
    and anything else good about it.

    Thank You So Much!

  2. Also some questions: Does it only come in Monogram Canvas?
    >> Yes.
    Is it convinient for everday use?
    >> Absolutely.
    >> $1,870


    I love love this bag, it's stylish and cute.
  3. I just bought my gf one today! I believe it was $1870 or $1890 before tax and it only does come in monogram.
  4. awww..aren't you a keeper..:woohoo: ...oops OP, out of topic, just had to give a shout out to AMLDAR1115:smile: , anyway, I own one too and am loving it.

    As for every day use, it depends, if you can handle the handheld bags, I think you should have no problem with the Manhattan GM.
  5. Fabulous guys thank you very much! Now just waiting on some 'in action' pics, lol. Or any types plz. TY!

  6. She just unboxed it now, its a really nice bag! also very professional looking too. Even though im a guy I love LV, i got her addicted to it. This is her 9th bag in the last 5 months. She loves each and every one.

  7. Here is my pic posing:graucho:
  8. Sandra, do you find it on the heavy side as handheld? My cubby arms can't handle the GM as shoulder bag :shame:
  9. OFF TOPIC: OMG! Meeju - why do you have my husband as your avatar? :p hehe j.k
  10. If you would like to see more pics of Manhattans, just either check the Visual Aids thread and search under "Manhattan GM" or check the "The Manhattanites" or something like that Club. ;)
  11. OT: :graucho: he's now my new bf...

    Anyway Nicole, you may find it a bit hard to get stuffs in and out..but believe me, you will love it.
  12. I'm really chubby- wayyyy fluffy after hibernating all winter- lol- and it works fine as a shoulder bag for me. I often just use the one handle method so I dont have to fight two straps. It IS heavy as an everyday bag, but totally do-able. It is a great looking bag. VERY professional looking.

    Edit to Add: When I was thinner, I remember having slight bruising on my forearms from toting this one as a bag on the crook of my arm due to the weight. I have more "padding" now on my arm and put less in it so no probs in a while. lol
  13. i don't find it all THAT heavy, even though i do carry a lot of things

    you're welcome! yes i can use it as a shoulder bag, but mainly when i'm not wearing a thick coat