Manhattan GM owners ~ your thoughts pls!

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  1. Im thinking about buying the GM over the next few weeks and am wondering if you are happy with your bag?

    Have there been many faults or problems with the GM that I should take into consideration before buying?
    ~Any loose screws or issues as it has a few?

    I saw a few on ebay that have this dirty look to the vachetta just where it's held, Im pretty careful and most of my bags patina evenly - but is this a shoulder bag or intended to be handheld...

    Pictures welcome....TIA
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  3. i brought both the PM and GM over a year ago. i use my PM all the time and i think i used my GM only twice. its not that its too big for me, i think it suits me (im only 5'1). but the GM is a very heavy bag by itself. even tho it can sit on your shoulders but its way to heavy for it. Its a beautiful bag thats why i can never sell her. lol. As for patina, my PM looks even and i used it a lot. And of course its even on my GM because i used it twice lol. i think you should go to the store to try out the size and weight first. i should have let the GM sit on my shoulders before i brought it. =( if you like i can take pictures of them for you later today. so you can see the patina =P
  4. Thanks for starting this thread!:tup: Currently I'm torn between the Manhattan GM and the Galleria GM.
  5. I think if you're on the smaller side you can use it for both a shoulder and handbag, I would say the biggest issue with this bag is its heavy.I couldnt see carrying all day on your shoulder...

  6. I love my Manhattan GM it's my favorite bag by far, its definitly a hand held bag though way too heavy to carry on the shoulders.
  7. I have it and love it. But it is super heavy. I cannot imagine really using it as an everyday bag all the time. I used it for the first time when i took my brother to the zoo, and I was in pain at the end. It can be worn on the shoulder, but I am not sure it was really intended to be worn so. It will be great in the fall/winter, when it is not so hot and I am not running around as much (great for work). I think you said you were going to the store soon, and you might want to try it on first. Some people seem to get annoyed with the middle strap, but it seems to be easy to work around it.
  8. Have it love it! It is a heavy bag so I don't recommend it for everyday use but it can be worn on the shoulder. Its for that reason that I bought the Galliera for everyday use. Get it, you won't regret it!
  9. I originally bought the GM, and that stupid belt type closure drove me nuts. Opening & closing it all of the time or leaving it hanging open (ugly). I switched/exchanged to the pm, and the hardware fell off of one of the front pockets. I then exchanged that bag for another Manhattan PM. My only gripe with my current pm is that the front pockets are too small to really hold anything.

    If you need to open your purse frequently to get stuff out, then I would advise against the gm.
  10. It is a gorgeous is heavy though and I would not say it is the most comfortable one but the look is great. I got the GM and is not too big.
  11. How common is it for the hardware to fall of the pockets?
  12. I have never had anything fall off. The strap in the middle is not an issue either. I never unbuckle it. Since the zippers slide in both directions it is very easy to get your hands in and out of the bag without issue
  13. I have the GM and love it! I am 5'8" and the PM was just too small. The GM is so classy and I never have any problems with the strap or the hardware. I have used it all day and if you really think about it you might say it is heavier than other bags but it has really never ever been an issue with me. I guess I'm just used to carrying kids around so the weight of my purses is never an issue with me. I highly recommend the GM over the PM. The PM just isn't anything special in my opinion and the GM is just so classy....but that is absolutley my opinion and I'm sure there are just as many people that like the Pm better than the Gm!
  14. I have the pm and it is a great bag. The GM was way too heavy. I hated the vachetta strap
  15. I own the Manhattan GM and I love the style. The size is great (I love bigger bags) and the dual zip is convenient because unbuckling the strap does get very annoying. The bag itself IS quite heavy to carry around all the time and when you put it down, the front of the bag is heavy with hardware so it does tend to tip over. I usually use the two front pockets for my mobile and my keys for easy access. On the other hand, I also bought the Manhattan PM for my sister who loves it and uses it more frequently than I do. I love the style more than the functionality so I don't mind suffering a bit of weight for an amazing bag. Good luck!