Manhattan GM owners!!! I NEED YOUR HELP~~~~~~

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  1. I'm contemplating very hard at the moment as to whether or not I should get a Manhattan GM............. :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:

    Is it really heavy and bulky to carry around as a work bag?

    Is the center strap annoying?

    And I've heard that it doesn't patina evenly... is it true?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. oh get it get it! i love mine to death :love:

    it does tend to get a little heavy, but not bulky, and it would be a great work bag :yes:. i plan to use mine for work too, if/when i get a job

    i don't find the strap down the middle annoying at all, even though i thought i would. if you find it annoying you can just fold it back and tuck it into the little tab at the back of the bag

    and it doesn't patina very evenly because there are pieces of overlapping leather, but it won't be very noticeable, i don't think
  3. Thanks, yeuxhonnetes! I have been drooling over that bag for a while now... I think I will take advantage of the ****** cyber thursday... :rolleyes:

    Also, can you wear it as a shoulder bag if you don't feel like carrying it?
  4. yes, i can fit it on my shoulder, even with a coat on:

  5. awww.. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Thanks for the pics... I think the decision has been made! :graucho:
  6. i :heart: this bag.. does cyber thrusday come up often?
    i want to get this bag (but made in france) before the price hike in feb
  7. Yes I just recieved mine earlier this week. As it is a bit heavy, I love it, it can be worn on the shoulder or carried, the zippers go so far down on the sides the strap can stay buckled and you can get in easily from the sides, but I believe it will patina a bit uneven but like a previous poster said, you wont be able to notice it because it will be where the strap is under another loop. Get it!
  8. nancypants, I don't think cyber thursday comes often... so, gotta take advantage of it!!

    That's my concern too... I don't think I will get a Made in France one from eLuxury, unless I am really lucky...
  9. Thanks, Carihoen! I think I am going for it... hee hee...!!
  10. Beautiful, Sandra!! Yumcarrots, you should get this gorgeous bag!
  11. well.. i live in CA so i'll just be saving on the tax.... better than nothing but i'd rather wait for a made in france.. boo
  12. Sandra makes all bags look yummie and this one is really gorgeous, go get it!!!
  13. nancypants, if you go through ****** today, you get 8% back! that's $150 there!
  14. Get one!! I have one and its a stunning bag.

    I can wear it on my shoulder for short periods of time. It fits fine. But the handles are not flat so it gets uncomfortable after a while.

    yes its true that the undersides of the buckles do not patina with the rest of the bag. But it does not show unless you walk around with your bag unbuckled.

    Its a great bag. Go for it!!
  15. Thanks for all the positive feedbacks! I think I'm ready to make my purchase... *so excited* !!!