Manhattan Gm owners: do you still love your bag?

  1. Any one have pics of them with the manhattan GM, do you guys still love it, how does it look with patina, I know it is heavy!! Can you give me pros and cons. Thanks . I never see anyone with this bag at all, strange.
  2. i've had my Manhattan GM for nearly a year now, and i still love it. sometimes i forget how beautiful it is until i take it out of the dustbag, and then it's like wow. it's really not as heavy as most people would think, unless you stuff it to the brim, which isn't all that possible anyway
  3. I tryed it on tonight, it is beautifull!!! The hardwear makes a statement, just wondering why I never see anyone with this bag, which I guess is a good thing.
  4. I love mine! It is heavy, but so classy! I have thought about selling it a few times, but I always decide not to...
  5. :heart: I really love my Manhattan GM! :heart:
    I bought it a year ago and I still use it almost daily.
    Now it has beatiful patina and I think that Manhattan GM
    is lookin better and better all the time :love:

    The "heavy issue" is not a big deal, when you have and use the bag.
    You get used to weight... or maybe I have got more muscles wearing my Manhattan GM :yes:

  6. This was my first LV. I don't use it as often as I should. It becomes a hassle to buckle and unbuckle the strap when you have a fussy 10 month old that wants his bottle. I should probably leave the strap undone but it looks messy to me. It does get heavy and it's only because I do load this beauty with my kids things. The hassle is so worth it though. Love this baby when I take it out. Saw a young lady with it a few days ago. She admired my kids and I admired her bag.
  7. thank you for the pics! :smile::heart:
    you look awesome and cute with your daughter and manhattan gm:girlsigh:......i'm thinking about buying this bag also, even though i have PM size....!
    is this bag "kids" friendly?!!! i have 2yr old and #2 baby on the way~ TIA!
  8. I don't own this bag, but it's so gorgeous!! The only downside is the darn center buckle which I know will annoy me especially if I'm in line and have to grab stuff out of my bag.
  9. oh man i cant wait to get one
  10. I've had mine for 1 year and 2 months, and I still love love love it!!! I used mine constantly for the first few months, then gave it a break as I bought my "summer bags". Then a while ago she came out of her dustbag and is enjoying the fall season! Honestly, she's the best bag for plane trips and a real eye-catcher, but in a more subtle way...Now, a year later she has the most gorgeous patina and is basically water-resistant (although I do cover her up in a plastic bag when there's heavy rain)... ;)
  11. i love mine! :biggrin:
  12. I am so excited to get this bag. I am buying it this Friday. I saw it IRL but I didn't pick it up or hold it. I was worried it may be too heavy for me, but I heard that it's not like, super heavy, just when you fill it up to the top!! LOL!!