Manhattan GM or Tivoli GM

  1. Hello Everyone...I would like your opinion about which one to buy. I am looking for something that can be handheld and also use on the shoulder. I like both of these bags but perhaps the ladies who have them can offer me some advice.

  2. Well, the Manhattan GM is a pretty heavy bag. My advice is go to the store and try them both, walk around a bit and then decide which you like better :biggrin:
  3. I personally prefer the Tivoli, its gorge in that Scarlett ad, but either bag is a great option.
  4. Tivoli!!!
  5. tivoli, only because it's easier to get in and out of. i would go crazy though if i left the manhattan's buckle undone.
  6. tivoli gm
  7. i'm not a fan of the manhattan. I like the tivioli !
  8. even though i love the Mahathan GM, is more like a handheld bag IMO. I think the Tivoli Gm is better as a shoulder bag...Good luck!
  9. Tivoli is a true handheld-shoulder bag, Manhattan GM is a bold piece, but not comfy as shoulder bag even when you have skinny arms-the base is too wide for a comfortable shoulder bag.
  10. Tivoli GM!
  11. I'd go with the Tivoli GM,I have and love the bold look of the Manhattan GM but getting in that bag is a PITA due to the strap and it weighs a ton even empty.
    The Tivoli GM has wonderful clean lines,the zippered opening and adjustable handle straps are a definite plus.
  12. Tivoli GM gets my vote! i love that you can adjust the strap(shorter/longer)!