or pm?

  1. So I've decided that one of the VERY FEW LV MC pieces that I absolutely loooooove is the I can't decided between the PM and GM. Which one do you guys have? How much of a size difference is there? If you have any pics modeling either one... please show them :smile:

    and if you happen to find an authentic one on eBay for a great price i would be suuuper greatful :smile:!
  2. hello! i have the gm and its a BEAUTIFUL piece! heavy though - but holds ALOT!

    goodluck with your choice!
  3. GM. The bigger purse looks more useful.
  4. Definately the GM.... I have it an it was one of the best handbags I have ever purchased! This bag is a definate keeper.
  5. i like the gm!
  6. I prefer the GM. The PM is too small, IMO.
  7. I like the look of the PM but the size of the GM. I am certainly no help :noggin: I guess what I don't like about the GM is the strap in front of it. Don't you need to either leave it off or unbuckle it every time you want to open the bag?
  8. Hmm... not a big fan of Manhattans but I'd go for the PM if I had to choose. The strap on the GM seems quite inconvenient.
  9. The Manhattan PM is really cute but when I tried it on a few months I realized that it was WAY too small for my needs. I think that most people would get more use out of the GM, regardless of the inconvenient strap on the outside. Plus I'm not sure if you're aware of this difference but the GM can be worn as a shoulder bag, the PM can't.
  10. The GM
  11. [​IMG]

    i loooooooooove this bag. it's the perfect size. the strap in the middle does not bother me at all.

    the eBay auction listed is a pretty fair price considering how new the vachetta is. go for it!!!
  12. I have PM and love it! It's in my avatar.
  13. I don't think the strap really bothers me, i have the MJ venetia (similar shape/style) and i tend to leave the strap open all the time or close it when I feel that I won't be getting into my purse for awhile....

    Just because I have a venetia, I'm kinda leaning towards the PM....can anyone show me a picture of how much it holds?

    I usually carry a large wallet, agenda, a bunch of makeup and some other stuff...unless i'm in school all day, that tends to add a few more things.....