Manhattan gm or black Balenciaga city

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  1. I'm debating between the two and was wondering if you guys can help me! I love the shape of the manhattan.. but it screams LV. Balenciaga is less flashy.. but I feel it is more trendy so I don't know if it will have lasting power. I know I will probably get more LV lovers because this is a LV thread... but please try not be biase. :smile: Thanks!
  2. Manhattan GM;):yes::love:
  3. Manhtten GM!! its beautiful!
  4. Manhattan GM :yes:

    i'm not a fan of the tassels on the Balenciagas
  5. Manhattan! If you ask this question in Balenciaga, you're going to get balenciaga as the answer. Those bags are on like completely different spectrums. It all depends on what you really love.
  6. i know! wish i could post this under balenciaga too but then it would be a double post. booo.

    the manhattan is so beautiful but the balenciaga isn't screaming in your face for attention... heheh.
  7. I think that the manhattan is great and mono is a little in your face, but I think that it's a very sophisticated piece. I love my black city though also.
  8. Balenciaga, definetly!
    I like the Manhattan PM, but the GM looks strange to me :shame:
  9. Manhattan for sure!!!! :biggrin::biggrin:
  10. Definitely Manhattan.
  11. MANHATTAN!:biggrin::flowers:
  12. i agree. go balenciaga!
  13. It depends on what you want to use it for. I think the manhattan is much more formal, it's a "power" bag. I would definitely go with it if you're thinking about using it for formal occasions or at work. If you want something to accompany out shopping or to dinners, I'd go with the b-bag.
  14. Manhattan GM.
  15. You need to get both sista!! ;)
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