manhattan gm or batignolles vertical

  1. I was in LV today and had a not so nice SA, but anyway, I saw the manhattam gm and loved it and my husband says that's his favorite. I was contemplating the BV too which is very practical and light. So if you own the Manhattan gm (I have to be able to put it on my shoulder), is it too heavy to wear everyday (I'm not going to load it up but just the basics)? Do you leave the buckle open all the time? Is it a pain to open and close it? All comments welcome!
  2. i prefer the Manhattan GM. it's such a classy looking bag, although it's a bit heavy. you can leave it unbuckled and fold the strap back and tuck it in.

    i find the shape of the Batignolles Vertical a bit weird; i prefer the Horizontal :yes:
  3. manhattan GM!!! :P
  4. I know it's like a bucket bag, I may have to dig around in it. But the BH, if you leave it on the floor, people can see in it (like diapers, etc.). I like the Pop Haut too, I've been to 3 LV's in the last week, but I just can't decide! The GM did feel heavy and I may be leaning towards the Pop Haut.
  5. yes the Popincourt Haut is a good bag too. it's not as big as the Batignolles or Manhattan GM, but it has a zip top.

    actually, the snap closure at the top of the Batignolles Horizontal pretty much shuts the bag, so people won't really be able to see inside.
  6. i love the shape of the manhattan.
  7. The BV is very comfortable and casual compared to the GM.
  8. I completely agree with you on this. So I would say go for the BV for this reason. These are the types of bags I usually go for though. Plus it is less $! ;)
  9. :yahoo: totally love this bag!!! you should totally get this one!!! :wlae:
  10. Manhattan !!!!!!!!!!
  11. i have the manhattan GM and love it!! :heart:
  12. The Manhattan is gorgeous! The BV would make a cute tote but definitely prefer the Manhattan.

    I had it for a short while. It fits on the shoulder but it might get a bit heavy after awhile (even with the bag empty, I couldnt have it on my shoulders for long). The buckles are a hassle but like Sandra said, you can just leave it unbuckled.
  13. Thanks all, I think what mello yello jen said about not being to carry it on the shoulders for a very long rules out the GM. Next time I go to LV, I am going to decide between the Batignolles and Pop. Haut, no more procrastinating!
  14. i think the gm is beautiful but if its like the pm than it will get heavy i dont really like the bv - i say go with a bh! i have one and i agree with yeuxhonnetes, once its closed u cant really see in- i think the bag is awesome and it dosent get to heavy and i carry my school book and papers in there wallet mp3 player makeup case (and this weekend i was able to throw in my bathing suit and tank top) still had room!
  15. Totally Agreed!:yes: