Manhattan GM on Eluxury

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  1. I just searched on Eluxury and it looks like Manhattan GM is no longer on the website. What does this mean? That it is being discontinued or just sold out?

    By the way, I just returned from a business trip during which I carried my Manhattan GM everywhere everyday and it is so wonderful and useful! I put the Manhattan GM in my large Longchamp Pliages to protect it while they scanned it at the airport. Love this bag! Made me look chic even while wearing a ratty old sweater!
  2. It's just temporarily sold out, no worries :yes:
  3. i love my Manhattan GM too. it is good to hear that. I was mine all over the place.
    In fact, if it ever starts to look too "worn out", I would go out and get another stand-by ManhattanGM !

    I think when eLux does that they have run out of the item and do not want it offered for sale until they have it.
  4. Probably people are buying the GM with their IRS refunds! It will be back, great bag!
  5. It's probably just sold out :yes:
  6. Yeah, it is probably just sold out. I don't think that bag is going away anytime soon. Is is way too popular!
  7. They're just out of stock temporarily...