Manhattan GM on a petite person

  1. Hi,
    I already have a Manhattan PM but I love this style so much that I'm considering purchasing the GM model but I'm not sure if it would look too big one me, I'm 5'2" 110pounds/50kilo's. Any opinions or any modeling pics would be great.
  2. i think thta it would be perfect, u could even pull off the gm but it will look fantastic whichever one u choose.
    i love this bag great choice
  3. if you already have pm why dont you look something different???
    for example galleria:smile:))))?????
  4. I am 5'4 and weigh about 54 kg - I fing the gm much too big for me! It looks like a weekender when I carry it, not at all elegant but plain practical. The Manhatten pm is absolutely the ideal size for me.
    Regina :smile:
  5. I also have the Manhattan P.M. and love it.

    I am only 5ft. 5 in. so am kind of short. Some bigger bags work for me but the G.M. just looked like a 'big box.'

    I guess it all comes down to taste though!

    Good luck on what you decide.

  6. i have both PM and GM..... i'm 5'2" as for as weight though, let's not go there!!!! lol i'm pregnant for the 2nd Manhattan GM looks fine on me!! LOL

    ever since i got GM though, i haven't touched PM fits everything and it's pretty comfortable on my shoulder, i LOVE this bag!!! =D
  7. I'm abt your size and i find the GM size is fine with me. It really depends on whether you are a fan of big or small bag. like me i like big bag so i find it is ok. But the bag is quite heavy though due to the metalware.
  8. I'm 5'0" and even a speedy 30 looks ridiculous on me... I wouldn't even touch the Manhattan GM :lol: TBH, the belt on the GM looks bothersome. I think it would be better to stick with the PM and get another style for a variety in your collection :tup: But if you really like big bags (which I used to), go for it!
  9. GM is stunning bag but I think you should consider getting another bag in another style as you already have the PM.
  10. sophia618- I am sure you're a beautiful prego mama
  11. since you already have the PM. i think it will be better if you choose another style? to diversify your collection...
    as for the size, maybe you can try it on first...see what you feel about it. but i do know someone who's very petite and owns a manhattan gm. and it does look fine on her:yes:

  12. I think the GM will look great if you wear if with confidence!! Anyone can pull off a big just depends on your style.
  13. personally, I think it would be too big!

  14. awwwwwwww~ aren't you just too sweet!!!!:heart:;):heart: <<<hugs>>> thank you~ you just made my day!!!:tup::heart::love:
  15. Thanks for all your opinions, the biggest bag I own is the Neo Cabby MM so perhaps the Manhattan GM would be too big for me anyway I will have plenty of time to decide as I have to save up first.