Manhattan GM hardware scuffing :(

  1. I have a question...I've had my manhattan GM for about a month and I only carry it on the weekends. The buckle hardware is getting pretty scuffed. I'm pretty careful with the bag but I guess maybe not as careful as I thought. One part of the buckle on the front right is so scuffed the gold came off :sad:. Am I being SUPER careless or is this just an inevitable thing?!?!
  2. Hmmm. If your being super careful this shouldn't be happening. Maybe the buckle is defective?
  3. I think maybe it's defective also! The brass usually doesnt come off that easy!!!
  4. take it to lv!
    i throw around my denim mini pleaty, and the buckle has some scratches, but nothing NEAR what you are talking about! take it to a boutique!
  5. I think you should take it back to the store!