Manhattan GM given to me, will I get used to it?

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  1. Ok this is seriously silly, but my sil gave me a LV manhattan GM b/c she didn't like it. It's in new, barely carried condition. I like the look, but it is HUGE! Will I get used to carrying such a gigantic bag? Also, do you get used to un-doing the big buckle all the time? It's such a pain! Thanks, Em:love:
  2. I have this bag and even though I LOVE big bags I can honestly say I've only used it once in the 1.5 years that I've had it. For me its just a tad bit bulky and not easy to lug around, and yes I did find the buckle to be a pain.
  3. I LOVE the Manhattan GM. I don't own any LV, but I love Marc Jacobs bags. The Manhattan GM is on my wishlist.
  4. i LOVE my manhattan GM!

    i have all my stuff plus my daughters.....and i'm planning on using it as a diaper bag too! i don't mind the size anymore, i'm so use to it!

    i never undo the buckle in the middle and mine is always closed! you'll def get use to it! beautiful bag!! =D enjoy!
  5. it's a great bag, tad heavy though...
    you can pull the strap through the loop without buckoing it, it makes it quicker to get in and you can buckle it up if you need extra security
  6. I have thought of buying this bag so many times but it seems so heavy with all the gold on it. I sure wish I could throw it over my shoulder but that is not easy either.
  7. I do what mandelinka said... I loop the strap through the buckle, but I don't close it. That way I feel like my bag is secure (stuff isn't going to fall out), but it's easier to reach into. It IS a heavy bag. And for that reason I won't use it if I'm going to be walking around carrying it all day, because it can make your arm tired if you've been carrying it for awhile. But when I do use it, it just looks so amazing. It always turns heads and I've received so many compliments on it!
  8. :rolleyes:Thanks for all the opinions! I do love it, but it just seems so out of sinc w/ my life, LOL! I'm going to sell it on eBay, and buy this amazing coach (much more 'me') that I've been jones-ing for (for EVER)! Thanks again, enjoy your "Louis'"!