Mangosteen Juice?

  1. Has anyone tried drinking mangosteen juice on a regular basis? I have have drank it on a regular basis and they say it works miracles for health conditions.
  2. I am taking a liquid vitamin and mineral supplement that has mangosteen, aloe vera and green tea in it. Mangosteen is good for many health ailments. I've experienced more energy since I've been taking this supplement. Also, my sister who used to have menstrual cramps extremely bad doesn't have them anymore. And it is clearing up my mom's toe-nail fungus. It has been extremely helpful for my family. I love it.
  3. i have never heard of does it work?
  4. I don't know how good mangosteen is for ailments of any sort, but the fruit is really yummy!
  5. Skip the juice and get it in a capsule supplement form. Its great for energy and anxiety
  6. OOoh I love that juice!
    Just don't get the freeze dried Mangosteen at Trader Joe's, it tastes like cardboard/ styrafoam peanuts.
  7. I've used it and was amazed at how quickly the juice made my energy level go up. I'm so glad I read this...I reordering some now, as I definitely need an energy boost!!