Mango shop $20off

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  1. wow thanks! I love MNG and am so happy they're opening one up in the Northern Virginia area!
  2. thanks! ;)
  3. I love Mango! I wish they would open one here
  4. favorite store...theyre finally opening one in tysons corner mall:love: :nuts:
  5. I like the leather jacket...too bad it's not wintertime anymore.
  6. This is my first post. Thank you! THIS IS GREAT!!!!! :smile: They're also doing free shipping and a pair of earrings now as well (no code needed). :smile:
  7. The MNG Store is open now at Tyson's Corners
  8. thanks! they just opened one in Chicago and i LOVE it!
  9. i used to shop Mango in Europe.
    Its so fun.
    Love It
    I got 50 dollars off!!
  10. Me too!! I clicked on the link and the page says $50 off $125!! :yahoo:
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