Mango: Penelope Cruz & Her Sister To Design Their Own Clothing Line.

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    Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica are set to design a line of clothing together for cheap retail outlet Mango in Spain. The article says it’s the Spanish equivalent of H&M, but I’ve also seen that chain in Germany. It’s one of those stores that’s full of cheaply made clothes that teens and 20-somethings would wear out. I’ve tried a few things on, but it’s always in vain beause they didn’t fit well and seemed made for stick figures and/or girls who don’t mind wearing super-tight revealing clothing.
    Time to add another celebrity designer to the mix. It was announced Wednesday that Penelope Cruz and her 25-year-old sister Monica will design a 25-piece collection for Mango, the Spanish equivalent to H&M.
    Not ones to remain backstage, the Spanish beauties will also be the faces of the company’s fall-winter campaign. But what most don’t know is that this not a freshman effort for the acting sisters - they already design a collection of jewelry and handbags for Samantha Thavasa, as well as own a store, Amarcord, in Madrid’s Salamanca area.
  2. lol I actually like Mango. But then again I'm a teen and I'm sure I'll cringe at some of the outfits I wear now in a few years. Honestly, I'm not a fan of celebrity-designed collections. IMO, just because a team of stylists can make you look beautiful doesn't mean you have the talent to do that kind of thing.