= horrible experience!

Feb 1, 2006
Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and if they can help with some advice on how to resolve:

Placed an order on cyber Monday with a code to save $$...they sent me both items in the wrong size. When I called about returning (and not having to pay since it wasn't my fault) they said they dont offer a pre-paid label and just include the shipping receipt in the package and I would be refunded.....

Well, weeks later and I still don't have my items BUT received an email from customer service saying: "we cannot refund your credit card for the shipping costs, so please send me all your banking account information so we can refund your shipping costs that way"
????WTF, send my BANK ACCT info? Seriously? I replied to the email stating the obvious: um I'm not that stupid to send my bank ACCT number to a total stranger via email. So then, no response....sent yet another email, no response...what kind of business does this? I will NEVER. Order from them again...but I still don't have my items OR my refund!