Mandy's Photo Shoot Drama

  1. By honge_showbiz SkyNews - Tuesday, April 3
    Mandy Moore has fractured her ankle.

    It all happened when a photo shoot turned sour for the singer-turned-actress...
    The 22 year old was in Mexico for a photo shoot for Self magazine.
    She was instructed to jump off a boat for one of the pictures, when Mandy slipped and fell.
    "It was for one of the setups for the spread where she had to jump into the water," her rep told People magazine.
    The accident resulted in her fracturing her right ankle, and Mandy has been sporting a walking cast for the past few weeks.
    We hope the pictures are worth it.
    The actress will appear on the cover of Self's June issue.
  2. Aww, poor mandy! Least its not a major injury!
  3. I think I could deal with a minor injury if it got me on the cover of Self. LOL.
  4. I'm with you cosmogrl!
    But ouch, I hope Mandy gets better soon!
  5. Aw how unfortunate, hope she will be ok!
  6. She'll be great for Self! She has a healthy body image, Self is good like that:yes:
  7. Poor Mandy! I hope is not that bad!
  8. That sucks! I hope that she's ok! How awful!