1. Everytime I seea picture of the Mandy it makes me want one. I am wondering if it is too big and heavy. Does anyone regret keeping the Mandy and how does it compare to the Lg ergo? I love my lg ergo hobo. I missed out on the shoulder bag, but it really seemed too small and the shoulder strap is short. Help me decide if I should take the plunge. TIA.
  2. I have a Mandy and a large ergo hobo. I love them both, but I love Mandy more because of the pockets (I got her on eBay for like $400 but I can't carry it yet because its too heavy and I have back issues)

    Mandy's are going for well under retail on eBay, you could probably find a steal
  3. I love the Mandy too. I hope to one day be able to afford one. The Mandy IS a lot heavier than the ergo. All of the Legacy line in heavy leather. But oooohhh soooo lovely leather. My shoulder bag is almost twice as heavy as a large ergo. Good Luck on your mandy search!
  4. I, too, have been considering a Mandy. I can't decide between the Mandy and the satchel, though. I've been watching both on eBay and am waiting to snag a great deal. That's probably what will be the deciding factor for me.
  5. I HATE heavy handbags, but love my Mandy because you can wear it on the shoulder. I just would not stuff it to the gills though.
  6. I originally bought the Satchel but exchanged it for a Mandy.. I'm a shoulder bag kind of girl. I loved it so much I bought another!
  7. I have a black signature Mandy and a charcoal suede Mandy. I love them both but the suede one is much heavier than the signature. I find that the signature one isn't too heavy at all. I used it all late winter/spring to walk to school and back, about 30 minutes each way, full of stuff (wristlet, makeup case, agenda, lunch, etc.) and it never bothered my shoulder at all.

    The leather and suede Mandys are MUCH heavier than the signature ones, for sure.
  8. Would any ladies post some Mandy modeling pics to enable those of us lusting after one?

    I too have been stalking ebay for a good deal on a Mandy so I would love to see it one someone.

  9. Kansashalo
    Here's some photos of my Mandy. They are repeat pix from an earlier April post. My 12 year old son caught me taking these in the bathroom, he thinks I am such a nutty mom!
    I am :nuts: for Coach!

    I have been carrying this bag since April, I absolutely love it! I don't overstuff it because it is a heavy bag to begin with. The weight has never been an issue for me. Again, I think how tall you are is something to consider. If you are a petite girl this purse will obviously be too much.

    My babies are all grown up now and about the only workout I get is carrying this purse around or my little chihuahua and she's doesn't weigh that much. :heart:

    If you can get this purse off Ebay/Coach outlet at a great price, do it, you won't be disappointed! :tup:
    Mandy me1.JPG Mandy dax.JPG
  10. Sweetescape:

    Do you live in an urban area and do you carry your Mandy everywhere around town or do you leave it in a car all day? I live in NYC and as you know New Yorkers ride the subway and walk all over the city. Do you think I can handle the Mandy as a daily bag for my jaunts around NYC? Please let me know what you think.

  11. Looks so fabulous on!

  12. OMG! Could you look any happier! Coach should pay you a commission!

  13. I don't have one of these but I did see a woman wearing one in front of me in line at Borders the other day. It looked huge on her and she was at least 5'7. I half expected her to pull out some school books from it or something when she was paying at the register.

    It's a very pretty bag, but in person I think it's very big. ( of course this is coming from a short girl who can't wear big bags, so take it with a grain of salt)
  14. It definitely is a very big bag. So I think it depends on what the person is carrying it for. I'm only 5'5" and I don't think it looks gigantic on me...but it's black signature, which helps to make it not look quite so big, I think, plus I don't carry it as an everyday purse. I use it for going to my office (so as a work tote, with lunch, change of shoes, whatever), or as a diaper bag. Actually, it makes a GREAT diaper bag!

    Here are some modelling pics. They're not great but at least it'll give an idea of size, etc.