Mandy vs Lily....

Which bag should I keep?

  • You must keep MANDY

  • No, LILY is the keeper

  • Nah, get rid of both & get a bag you love

  • What? You cannot possibly get rid of either bags!

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Jul 26, 2007
If you could only have one of these two bags which would you pick & why?

I just got my Lily a few days ago and am on the fence about it. I really have not "tried" her yet. I have been modeling her when dh is gone (he does'nt know about the new bag;)) and am still unsure. Have any of you gone through this and fianlly found the love?
I did have a post a few weeks back asking whether or not Mandy should stay or go. I do not need two big black bags. I loved Mandy at one time, but now just seems a little to big for my needs. I also do not like the way she slouches way down and then the dogleash clasp hangs funny.
Now the Lily. She is very nice & I love the two compartments, but I just do not know how I feel about her yet. I still have time to find out because she is not going anywhere. I do not know if I like her because I got a great deal on her or I really like the purse, ya know? TPF is especially bad because I see so many new bags and automatically think I NEED it too. The Lily feels "boxy" to me. Will she eventually slouch more or flatten down? I also cannot carry her to comfortably on the shoulder w/o the 2nd strap falling off. I know I should only buy/keep a bag I truely love, but I feel like if I was to return her I would just regret it immediatly. I feel awful because so many girls here get her and instantly fall in love.
Now a little about what I DO like. I just got a Legacy should & I love it. It is a tad smaller than what I am used to, but she will work out great. I also love my Leigh & Ali. Those two are really the perfect size. So if I were to get rid of both Mandy & Lily I would then need a new black bag. What would I get? I am not one to duplicate bags in a different color.

Wow, I just realize I wrote a book! I am so sorry you had to read all of that! I am just so confused its not funny! I dreamed of the Lily before I got her so now I am so sad it was not instant :heart:.

The Artist

Jan 4, 2007
well, to be completely honest.....if thier is something about a bag I do not like or am on the fence about....back it goes or it is sold...period. I literally have to fall in love with the bag RIGHT OFF...that is just me.
I own Mandy in whiskey and adore that bag. I also own Ali in black and whiskey and adore them. I have never been a fan of lily.


Jessica Val
May 16, 2008
did you take lily's stuffing out and put your own stuff in to try carrying her? it makes all the difference. :yes:

my lily is also getting quite soft and slouchy. :heart: i'm definitely voting lily here!

Mrs. MC

Dec 4, 2007
I know what you mean. I so want a Mandy but it doesn't sit right on my shoulder. Comparing these two is like the proverbial "apples and oranges" Lily is a handheld satchel and mandy is meant for the shoulder as a courier type bag. Lily is not really meant to slouch, it is more structured and is supposed to be that way. I am not a duplicate bag in different colors person either but I love my Ali in black leather and thinking of getting her in whiskey. I am still in the market for a hand held bag and still on the fence about Lily, Marc Jacobs blake bag or other, lv speedy 30 or coach legacy o7 satchel. If you want a shoulder bag then I would stay away from the lily and maybe get a Sabrina or another convertible bag that can be handheld and a shoulder bag.
Jul 25, 2007
Well, I dont have a Mandy to compare my Lily to, but to me Lily is a structured bag and a little bulky under the arm. It does flatten out a bit if you dont stuff it full, but to me thats just what the bag is supposed to look like, and I dont know if Id like it as much if it got all slouchy. I love mine, but if you arent feeling it, return it for something or just a credit till you see something you LOVE. Its only a good deal if you use the bag. If you've had Mandy for a while and are over it, put in on ebay. I'm all about "out with the old/in with the new!!!"


Peace, Love, Coach
Jun 1, 2007
I bought a Mandy on the bay earlier this year. As soon as I opened her, I stuck it right back in the box and relisted her on the bay the next day. Can't really say what it is that I didn't like...maybe it looked too wide on me? Lily, on the other hand, has had my heart for over a year (just didn't want to spend that kind of cash on one bag). But I can comfortably wear her on my shoulder...I think if I couldn't use her as a shoulder bag, it would be a deal breaker.

I also agree with Donnalynn...out with the old/in with the new. Can you use Lily for awhile to see how you really like her and then decide between Mandy and Lily? Then the "loser" can be sold. Even used Lily would sell well I think.


Sep 15, 2007
I totally agree about the way the Mandy hangs and slouches. To me it kind of looks like a log as someone here on the forum said before. But I think it's comfortable to carry. As far as the Lily goes, I think it is one of the best bags ever made, but it's not a good fit for everyone. I can wear either size on my shoulder, and that's the way I carry them. If there's something I don't like about the Lily, it's the way it does not keep its shape with few contents in the bag. I think this is ok for the medium since the straps are shorter, so it doesn't stick out as much right under the arm. I find it to be comfortable. The large hangs lower, so I just keep some paper in it to keep its shape. I also find the medium lily a bit smaller than I like. I like the statement aspect of the large, and the way it slouches at the top. But despite everything, the Mandy is "blah" to me compared to the Lily, but it's still a great bag.

I think it depends on what purpose you need it for. As to whether bags do grow on me, my answer is sometimes "yes", that happens. The Francine is an example, and initially I hated both the domed shape as well as it's huge, and now I like the domed shape but still think it's huge, lol! I love it though and can't ever see selling it. To me there's rarely a bag that is perfect in every way, so you just have to decide how "perfect" you need it to be and whether or not you can live with it otherwise. My avatar is the Abbey for a reason...this is the most "perfect" bag I've ever owned for me.

TBH it doesn't really sound like you're taken with either the Lily or Mandy. In that case, I agree with the others and would say let both go and try again...there will be something you like better. It sounds like you need a smaller bag than the Lily, which I already think is small. Have you tried the '07 shoulder flap, which will be a tad diff. than the Ali, or maybe even the new Legacy line? I personally don't care for the garcia leather, especially in black, but you might like the black medium flap. It's a small bag and might work well for you. I know you say you don't duplicate bags, but if you love the other three, then that might be the way to go if you need a black bag right away. Or choose another line...Black Zoe, etc? Otherwise, if nothing tickles your fancy now, I'm sure they will release more bags soon and maybe you will fall in love with one of those.


Jul 26, 2007
Ok, this is the saga that I call my life:s. I have been so undecided on these 2 (well really 3, but I have finally told myself to get over Gigi because I know she is too big for me!) bags. Mandy vs Lily. What is a girl to do? I have way to many post about these 2 bags & I know you all are so very tired of reading them. I am sure many of you just pass them up now and I don't blame you. I have tried hard to love Lily, but its just not working:crybaby:. I really think I wanted to love the bag because 1) it was on sale & 2) Seeing as everyone else seems to love her I feel I should to. Know I know that just because she is a popular & gorgeous bag does not mean I need/want/love her myself. Honestly, I have found myself getting worse at buying things I do not like or do not need since coming to TPF! I am trying to stop that immediately! I need to buy things I love-whether or not they are on sale or just a PF favorite:yes:. So today I thought about putting Mandy up for sale, and guess what? It made me really sad! I took pics and everything to get her ready for ebay. I know I said I was "over" her and she feels slouchy etc, but its my bag! I guess after all said and done I feel back into:heart: with her! Now that I think I am happy again, I am sad to say that miss Lily will be going back:crybaby:. Its for the best. She deserves someone who will love her like most of you do. So once again I post a novel for you girls & guys to read. I would like to thank you all again for helping me through what feels like a "major" situation:P. I appologize for the lengthy posts and I promise to never give up on Mandy again!

Thanks so much for helping me!!!! I really have learned that not every bag I see on TPF is a bag is for me!!! That is a BIG step in the right direction!