Mandy question

  1. Does anyone know anything about how long the Mandy will be available? I'm wondering if it's being phased out or replaced with a new style. I vaguely remember it being mentioned a few weeks ago. I love the bag and want one so bad! Just not sure if I should be making my move soon or if I have some time to save some money.
    Thanks ladies!
  2. When the original Mandy came out last year I FELL IN LOVE with it! I never did get it because it seemed too expensive. That is my "kick me now" purse. I wish I would have gotten it. But, you still can find them on eBay for almost half the price.

    I think the Mandy will probably stay, but there will be small variations year to year. If you really LOVE it and don't want a used one. I would get it. But it is quite a pricey purse, although worth it! At the time I just didn't have the money to get the purse.