Mandy Pics Please!

  1. If anyone has a Mandy could you please post pics of the bag alone and modeled? Please and thank you!
  2. Here are some pictures of me modeling my Black Mandy. This is a great Every day bag and she is a workhorse - a really strong and sturdy bag.

    Hey everyone my Black Mandy is here and she is gorgeous. I already put all my stuff and and she is
    great on my shoulder, no problems at all. I really love her and the black will be so awesome in the fall/winter. I am going to carry her on Monday.:tup:
    Here are two pictures of her.

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  3. Here is another picture of Tinks Delight's Natural Mandy.

    Got my second Mandy (this week!)... :yahoo:Here's the unveiling... followed promptly by me posting more of my bags on eBay (to help fund my crazed Mandy purchases!):crybaby:
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  4. My Mandy in Whiskey!!!!
  5. Do you havbe a picture inside so I can see how much it holds please
  6. I've seen this but I am wondering how much it will hold. I carry an agenda, wallet, keys, body spray, lotion and sometimes a book. I wanted to see if anyone carried as much as me and this bag fit it all.
  7. Mandy's are BIG.. they will hold a LOT! :yes:
  8. Oh good...I have the Leigh and all my stuff fits perfectly in her. I thought the Mandy was smaller but thanks for the info! Now what color to buy...hmmm
  9. I have a Mandy but I can't find my USB cord right now to upload pics for you. This bag is VERY big as it is long AND quite wide. You can get double what you listed into that bag, maybe more.
  10. Wow thanks! If you find the USB it would be great to see more pics. Thanks so much!
  11. DEFINITELY bigger than the Leigh. Quite a bit bigger actually. From the bags you have posted, I can see that we have very similar taste. I think you are REALLY going to fall in love with the Mandy.
  12. Let's put it this way...I just filled her up the other day, and I wish that I could come up with more stuff to carry to help fill her up because she looks empty. (notice the gapping hole at the right)
    one large wallet
    one small wallet
    COACH makeup case
    lose papers
    There is a lot of room to spare!!!
    inside mandy 001.JPG
  13. Oh no, body spray in your bag lol. hope you keep it in a ziplock !
  14. I keep it in my cosmetic bag. Don't you worry I would never do anything that may damage my bag. :okay: