Mandy Owners..........

  1. I bought the Mandy in whiskey. I love the bag, but it is huge. Do you use it for an everyday bag or business type bag. I would just just mine for everyday but wonder about the weight. any input??
  2. I just bought one in black. I am a SAHM so for me it is going to be an everyday bag. I still have the tags on deciding if it is too big.. I really love the bag though. I don't have babies so for me it would just be for wallet, checkbook, glasses, etc not a whole lot. I love how it hangs lower and slouches. It is quite large, but I am 5'10" so that helps. I am in the same debate! Love her though!
  3. I also have the Mandy in whiskey!! I got it about 2 weeks ago I think, and have been using it as my every day bag ever since! It's a big bag, but I like big bags so doesn't bother me. I have quite a bit in it but the heaviness doesn't bother me at all to be honest.
  4. Since I have the Mandy (in black) it is now both my handbag and workbag. I can place my 6x8 Coach planner in it as well as a few files and still have room for my "purse stuff" as well as a bottle of water. I haven't noticed the heaviness but i think its because the strap is so wide so it really distributes the weight evenly.
  5. I agree, it is heavy, but the nice thick strap and how it goes on your shoulder really helps I think! :yes:
  6. I have the Mandy in black and whiskey. I love big bags so, they aren't too large for me.
  7. I have the Mandy in Natural. I find it to be heavy and it bothers my back if I carry daily, but I love it, so it's not stopping me from wanting it in black as well.
  8. I have the Mandy in Black and although I love it I cannot carry it daily. If I carry it daily it does hurt my back. I carried it twice this week and my back was bothered. The strap is very comfortable and does distribute the weight of the bag well. I do find the Ali more comfortable for me. I just love the Mandy so much though so I don't regret getting it at all. I just wish that Coach would have made the Mandy a tad bit smaller. I did try the Miranda Satchel in my Coach Boutique and that bag is heavier than the Mandy IMO.
  9. I have the Mandy in white.:tup: I agree with everyone here that the strap distributes the weight nicely when it's filled. I have used it as an everyday bag since Spring! I have only changed out occasionally and then I always go back to Mandy. I love it so much! :heart:
    Also, since I've been missing the gym lately, it's the only heavy lifting I do anymore. :push:
  10. I own the Mandy in khaki/ebony and I use it for my fall/winter bag.
  11. That is too funny! :smile: I was actually thinking that this week as I am contemplating keeping it or not, thinking.. I could use it as a weight, it's more than I'm doing now!!! :p
  12. I have Mandy in Whiskey, Black & White, and I LOVE HER! I don't use any everyday. But I always pick one about every two weeks, and I hate to put her away. IMO, the shoulder strap distributes the weight, plus I don't carry alot of stuff.

    If you just bought her and are trying to decide, put your regular things inside and carry her around the house. Spend some time posing in the mirror, too!
  13. I just bought a black Mandy on eBay and I intended to use it as a work tote. I still haven't decided whether or not I will keep it. I bought the satchel near the same time and I haven't decided which one I like best. For a person my size, it would be way too big to use as an everyday bag.
  14. I agree with you - I LOVE Miranda but she is way heavier than Mandy.
  15. I always saw the Legacy Shoulder bag as the smaller version of the Mandy. The shoulder doesn't have the huge buckle in the middle, but has the awesome flap pockets on the front and the wide strap. I have the shoulder bag in khaki/ebony and I cannot express how much I LOVE that bag! (However, with the great prices that Mandy's are going for now on eBay, I may just have to add her to my collection anyway :graucho:)