Mandy Owners--weird issue with bag

  1. ok, maybe it's just me, maybe it's just a new bag or something...but I packed up my Mandy with all my stuff (maybe I have too much stuff, maybe it's too heavy!) and when I pick it up the bag gets a weird shape--like the top by the zipper gets lopsided. I've packed, unpacked, moved things around--and when I pick it up--it smooshes in right at the same spot! wth?? :shrugs: How is it supposed to hang when it's on your shoulder? Do you think I have too much in it and it's too heavy to hang right? It's really driving me crazy!

  2. I have a chameleon liner in mine. It helps it keep its shape.
  3. What's a chameleon liner? Where did you get it?
  4. Yea, mine bows towards the front. It IS a large bag! It doesn't bother me though.
  5. my shoulder tote kinda does that too
  6. Thanks for the link, noshoepolish! This may solve my slouch problem I have with a Coach suede bucket bag!:idea:
  7. Thanks--I think I might have to try one of those out--the slouchiness is driving me insane!!!!!!! I think I built the Mandy up to be the purse of all purses...and this little 'issue' is weirding me out, lol!

  8. Hi Mazuha! I know exactly what you are talking about. The same weird thing happened to me when I got my mandy. The solution for me was to shape it to the right form at the beginning. I made the zipper adopt a U shape. I`ll try to post a picture of me wearing my mandy so you can see the shape of it. This is how I think the mandy looks best, I love it and I have not had again any problem with the shape of the zippper. Hope this helps :smile:.

    I have been trying to attach my picture but it would not upload. I`ll try again later. The shape it adopts when it hangs looks a lot like the shape the mandy leather courier has in You cannot see the zipper if you see the bag from the side, the zipper is in a U shape, and you will not have an weird bends on it with this shape =).
  9. Mine bends towards the front also.
  10. It's meant to slouch and bend at the top!