mandy or satchel

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  1. which did you buy and why?
  2. I bought the shoulder bag but I think the satchel is a lot nicer than the mandy- I just like the style better- I find the mandy looks a bit too big...Post pics of what you get pls :yes:
  3. I usually prefer satchels, they are the perfect size for me and i like the way they look. If you get anything, post pics.
  4. I bought the satchel for two reasons. 1) I preferred the front pockets on the satchel - with the large buckles instead of the turnlock; and 2) I like the look of handheld bags and don't often wear shoulder bags.
  5. I bought the satchel too. Just like the style much better, I prefer a bag with two handles, and the Mandy is huge.
  6. I bought the Mandy - the strap is longer and more comfortable than the satchel and I loved the extra bit down the center of the front of the bag.

    It is big, that's for sure, but this reformed small-bag girl is loving it!
  7. I bought the Satchel - I LOVE IT! I like the buckels on the front and the way the strap thing goes all the way over the bag.
  8. Me too. I bought it in white. What color is yours? I also ordered the Andrea satchel in black since I returned the black signature legacy satchel which I didn't like.
  9. I bought it in Whiskey, I really thought black since I wear more black, but the Whiskey was too pretty to pass up! and boy was I glad it is so pretty!
  10. have you had a problem with the white showing dirt very bad? Can you use the leather cleaner on it?