Mandy Moore's Sunglasses

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone knows what brand/style sunglasses these are. Not a big Mandy Moore fan (I'm too old!), but I am digging these sunglasses. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks! (I think the attachment worked.)
  2. off topic but is she married??
  3. She's not married yet. She has been dating Zach Braff for a while now.
  4. ooh I like those sunnies too~!
  5. I like her bag!
  6. ooh i heart mandy moore!! she's so stylish and cute. so down to earth too, unlike so many other pop stars who came out at the same time and shall remain nameless. :smile:

    *sigh* zach braft is one of my few celeb crushes. i'm such a sucker for geeky funny guys. :smile: zach braft, jake gylenhaal...that's it. the end. :smile:
  7. looks like rayban wayfarers....
  8. :heart: her!
  9. lol..cute glasses!
  10. Off topic Coach Legacy spotting!!!
  11. i love that coach bag. i love mandy too, she so pretty and fresh!
  12. I agree she always looks healthy and happy.
  13. she's working that trench. looks so casual on her instead of structured like I expect trenches to look..mMM