Mandy Moore's handbag

  1. Hi Girls! Does anyone know what bag Mandy is carrying in this photo?? The leather looks TDF!! I don't know much about Jimmy Choo bags . . and I am wondering if it's a Choo or something else! Thanks!!


  2. It's a great looking bag
  3. ^^^ Ita!!
  4. I'm telling you, though, the Ramona XL is REALLY big, like weekender size. I've got the regular-size Ramona :love: and plenty of tPFers complain that one is too big!
  5. I saw this photo somewhere today and wondered the same thing. This is a neat bag. Thanks for posting this. I like Jimmy Choo handbags.
  6. Is it really that big? It doesn't look too overwhelming on Mandy Moore.
  7. She's like 5'10" (lucky!!!!)

  8. It's SO pretty :drool:
  9. Not bag, but my favourite bags are LV's.
  10. Looks like she's being photographed at the airport, so she must be using it as a carry on bag of some type. It's a great looking bag.
  11. Thanks everyone for your response. Yes, that pic was taken inside of LAX. I, too, am 5'10". I think I just might try to get my hands on this bag - I love it!!

  12. I'm 5'6" and I have the regular size Ramona, and let me tell you, it is plenty big. The XL might be good as an overnight bag, but I think it would be cumbersome as a handbag.