Mandy Moore's Fall Coach Favorites

  1. Is the mandy named after her?
    I thought I read that somewhere.
  2. I'm pretty sure it is. Lucky girl.
  3. ^^It probably is!^^:yes:

    I always said she should be the next Coach catalog model!:tup:

    She probably gets her Coach for free!:wtf:
  4. I was thinking the same thing.
  5. Of course!!!!! lol All celebrities get everything for free.. it's ridiculous.
  6. She's such a freakin doll!!! She's adorable!
    I did read somewhere awhile ago, I think that the Mandy bag was named for her.
    Ya know what I like about her...she loves Coach for one thing, but she's also not this stick thin actress who takes herself too seriously or thinks she's this queen because of who she is. I think I read on awhile back that she just thinks she's an mediocre actress and a mediocre singer...she's not all hung up on herself. I think she's a great representative for Coach!!
  7. I love Mandy, can't wait to see her new movie with Robin Williams.
  8. ^^I agree; she is down to earth and humble. I think she is very talented and has great taste!
  9. She has great taste!
  10. I wonder if those are REALLY her picks.
  11. I LOVE this girl! She is so gorgeous, a kind person, and has amazing and classy taste.
  12. I adore her. She is cute, sticks to her morals and values, and loves Coach. She is perfect! :tup:

    She'd be the best "BFF"!
  13. i like her a lot too. she's been kind of absent from the limelight but i think her new album is really great. i've read some of the reviews though and they're really mean talking about how she's just another pop princess wanna be come back or whatever but i think she's really matured and her music is so much better now that she's more involved. oh well that's critics for ya. i wanna see her model some coaches for their catalog or something, i think that'd be cool.
  14. she actually was in Coach catalogs a while back. She was the Coach "girl" for a bit. She does totally seem down to earth. I would totally be her BFF. She was on a local radio station here saying that she didn't have a BFF really because she's never home enough, and they joked that she should have a contest for one.