Mandy Moore's Croc Penelope

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  1. So I was flipping thru my STAR magazine and something caught my eye on pg 52. It was Mandy Moore carrying a penelope satchel in what appears to be crocodile leather. All I can say is LUCKY LUCKY girl!! I'll try to post pictures after I scan it.
  2. ugh of course she is! I loveee her, she's so perfect to be reppin' the brand.
  3. I seen this pic, I didn't know it was a Coach. Doesn't look like Coach.
  4. ^ it is, it's the exact style of the current satchel, instead of leather it's alligator leather.

    she always has the simple bags but in exotic the oversized hobo, she also had that in croc i think...

    basically its bags that are only found in vegas, ny or possibly la

    b/c she works so close with the designers and they love her and all..i'm guessing she gets it free or a deeeeeeeeeeep discount
  5. I love Mandy Moore too. Her style is so awesome. I noticed that bag in either In Touch or Life & Style recently, it's gorgeous! And normally I don't like the exotic skins.
  6. i really like mandy moore she's very sophisticated and classy, but she did gained a lot of weight.... i like her satchel
  7. I really like her - she seems very approachable and down to earth, but one day I may have to mug her for her bags! Every time I see a pic of her with a Coach, it's something I just drool over!
  8. Call me when you do- we'll make it a heist!! I want one of her Legacy bags!:boxing::boxing:
  9. i want that bag ! how much is it ? lol
  10. cha cha- I don't think it's even available for non celebs to purchase. It isn't on the website anywhere that I've found.

    Also guys, I don't think this is the Penelope, I think it's just the regular Soho Large Satchel. The Penelope has a third ring on the straps, but the bag Mandy is carrying only has two, like the regular one. (just my observation)
  11. 10,000
  12. lol did you read that from my post?
  13. am i the only one that is seriously creeped out by croc? just thinking about it makes me shudder!
  14. i read in Jane magazine that she had a black coach bag made especially for her with her nick name in it when she showed up for a photo shoot.