Mandy Moore - Performance at the Roxy 11-12-2007

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  4. Awww she's so pretty! I love Mandy!

    Love her shoes too! Does anyone know what they are? Boy those are some closeups of her legs though!! LOL!
  5. I don't care what anyone says about her...i still think she is fab!!

    (not anyone on here but most people say she is washed up and all that...i think she is a great talent!!)
  6. i still think she is fab too!
  7. I love Mandy Moore!

    Her shoes are amazing!
  8. I didn't know she played she good? Can she accompany herself convincingly on a whole set?
  9. I loooove Mandy.

    I didnt know she could play guitar....but I think shes a wonderful singer.

    She looks great...
  10. Are those Chanel shoes? I swear I saw them at the sale rack at Nordstrom.
  11. love her!
  12. Out of all the 90's female popstars, I think she is the most beautiful.
  13. She looks great!