Mandy Moore: I Was Sexiest at Age 15

  1. Mandy Moore is featured in the July 2007 issue of Blender Magazine.
    On being suggestive for her first music video “Candy”: “It’s funny: I think that was my sexiest time, at 15 — my gawky body, swaying like a little stick figure. My most overtly sexy thing was the first one, right off the bat. [makes fake-sad face, pulls the sides of her mouth down] And from there it was aaallll covered up. I went from being a child to making love on the floor. There was no intermediate step.”
    On being forced into being a cookie-cutter pop singer: “How accountable can you really be when you’re a kid in an adult world? There was no way they were going to give me any say over my music or my image at that point. But even at the time, I was like, ‘Oh, gosh, I really don’t like this song … ’”
    On her brief but public fling with DJ AM: “It was a nanosecond!”
    Read Mandy’s full interview with Blender here.
  2. I love Mandy and she is still sexy!

  3. I think she's gorgeous! Sometimes she's a little annoying but that's only every once in a while LOL - I usually like her!
  4. I love her! Sheesh, girl no way her sexiest time was at 15?? That's too bad if she really feels that way. I love how she's come into her own. So glamourous!!
  5. Mandy at 15:

  6. Sorry, but I don't think she was sexy at all at age 15.
  7. She looks very sexy here!
  8. ^^ ITA! She didn't even have boobs then LOL!
  9. She looks great now! I love how she's very classy. God, when I was 15, I was all about the tear-aways. Now THATS sexy. :biggrin:
  10. I couldn't stand her when she first came out, but I think she has really come into her own over the last few years. She looks MUCH better, has a better style and I like her as an actress.
  11. She talks like she's in her fifties lol
    She's very sweet and nice, but boooring
  12. She's classy.
  13. i have always thought there was something wrong with her outlook from interviews she maybe her family or management made her feel her worth was based on youthfulness or sexiness or something....she used to always say things when she came out about how she was so young like that was her major selling point....

    she needs to get her head on straight...she's a talented beautiful woman
  14. I like her a lot. I think she's very classy and stylish...sometimes she does seem a little fake....but ya gotta hand it to her--she never actually "became" one of "them." She stopped while she was ahead and went on to better things...
  15. I just LOVE her, esp after A Walk to Remember!