Mandy Moore Covers "Umbrella"

  1. Mandy Moore takes a stab a covering “Umbrella,” originally performed by R&B songstress Rihanna. Mandy explained why she chose to cover this song: “This was one of my favorite songs of the moment. I’m not a big Top 40s type of listener but you just can’t deny how melodic this song is.”

    Mandy's cover:

    :jammin: :whistle:
  2. Wow :heart::heart: I love this slow version of umbrella by Mandy!! :tup:
  3. interesting. it sounds nice enough. I prefer the upbeat version more but mandy did great. :tup:
  4. Mandy's version isnt as annoying in the "ella ella" part. It sounds nice slowed down a bit.
  5. I really love it. Thank you for the link!:tup:
  6. You're welcome :welcome::smile:
  7. Wasn't that on the last ep of the Hills?
  8. Thanks for that! Very nice!
  9. I didn't listen to the link, but that's what I'm assuming.
  10. Ha's actually kind of nice. Though I never listened to the original "Umbrella" and thought, "I can't deny how melodic this is.", lol.
  11. I'm just reminded how much I like her.
  12. I heard this the other day and didn't know it was by her! Wow.
  13. I like this. (I'm singing along with it right now!)

    A couple weeks ago, there was a little gossip item where Jay Z. and Beyonce were at a party. I think it was an impromptu performance but they did Umbrella with Beyonce singing Rihanna's part.

    (I have absolutely no desire to hear Beyonce's version, because it's probably exactly the same as the original.)
  14. My favorite part was Mandy's take on this verse:

    You can run into my arms
    It's okay don't be alarmed
    Come into me
    There's no distance in between our love
    So go on and let the rain pour
    I'll be all you need and more
  15. I really like this version.