Mandy Lovers Show Your Pride!!!!!!!

  1. I am convinced the finest all leather bag ever made by COACH is the Mandy:yes:. In 2006 Coach produced great LEGACY Handbags. My first Coach ever was the ALI and I thought it was the greatest, but not until my soon to be DH purchased MANDY in Whiskey:drool:. The bag is perfect in size and the strap is so comfortable. I still get excited when I take the bag out of its dust bag so I can wear it. I am thrilled to death when a fellow tpfers has acquired a Mandy for their collection. I can go on forever....Post your pics of Mandys and tell us your thoughts on one of the greatest bags out there.................

    LEGACYPRINCESS!!!!!!!!! Addicted to Legacy Lining.:yahoo:
  2. Was my Chocolate/parchment Legacy to the right a Mandy?
  3. It looks like one but with buckles instead of turnlocks but maybe a shoulderbag with the dogleash detail ? Is it the same size as your white shoulder bag to the left ? The mandy is much bigger than the legacy shoulder bag
  4. I think if anything, it's a tiny bit bigger. But I think it's just a double pocket shoulder bag.
  5. I sold mine :tdown: I absolutely loved it, but it was just way too big for me. It was so sad letting it go!! I'm just going to oogle over everyone elses!
  6. I love the Mandy too! I also have it in whiskey. I would not say it's my absolute favorite bag, or the best they have had in the Legacy style (I still vote for the XL Lily as being the best Legacy), but I sure love the Mandy!! It's very comfortable and easy to put on your shoulder and go. I'm a big fan of the Gigi as well, and actually have two of them, but they fall off my shoulder a lot! The Mandy and Ali are much more comfortable, and they look SOOOO good on...I LOVE them!! I now have 4 whiskey colored Legacy bags, and I recently thought of selling one (Mandy, Ali, Lily, or Gigi), but I can't part with any of them!!!

    I have to say that every time I wear any Legacy bag, I get compliments!! Everyone notices them!! Legacy ROCKS!!!
  7. I am so glad that I read this!! :tup: I have a Mandy in Whiskey, and bought a Gigi in Walnut last night....but once I got it home and put it next to my Mandy, although different, they are still very similar. I really can't justify I am glad to hear that the Gigi isn't as comfy!
  8. I had a Mandy a year ago and returned it. I later regretted it. I was was thrilled when they were available at the outlets just before Christmas and I was able to get another chance. Its a bit heavy but I LOVE the bag!!
  9. I'll play! I just got mine a few weeks ago and it is my favorite! The leather is luscious and it just feels good. It is heavy, but I feel like a million bucks when I carry it. Here's a pic:

  10. I :heart: my Mandy. She was my 1st Legacy bag. Perfect in everyway! Big enough to carry all my things and the things for my little girl. So comfy on the shoulder and oh, so beautiful. Oh, how I love her!
  11. I have the Mandy in whiskey and yes its incredible....I missed out on the outlets when she came out ......I am looking for a NWT Black Mandy........
  12. I had the Mandy but recently sold her because I couldn't handle the weight! =( I was so sad because she's soo friggin pretty.
  13. Here's a pic of my baby!!! Black Mandy!!!! I picked her up at the Orlando outlets while I was on vacation during Christmas. I was worried about her being too heavy but she's not (to me..but I like big bags so I'm used to it). I find her to be the most comfortable bag I have. I use her everyday. I just snapped a pic of her in my office cause I wanted to be a part of the Mandy love!!!
  14. The leather looks delish!
  15. Ooooo...I'm so wanting that walnut Gigi, though!! Yeah, I love the look of the Gigi, and it's a nice BIG bag, but I do not find it as comfy with the double straps. If I had to choose say between my clay Gigi and my whiskey Mandy, I would probably choose the clay Gigi just based on look and the unusual color..but that would not be a practical decision. My DH LOVES the Mandy, and thinks it's the best looking of the Legacy bags. So there's a male perspective too. :yes: