Mandy Leather this the same as?

  1. I'm new here, so please forgive me if I am asking a dumb question. :confused1:
    I love Coach and have several bags, and am looking to buy another. I love the Mand Leather Courier, but I am wondering if it is any different from the Legacy Leather Shoulder Tote from last spring. It was on the cover of the catalog. Is this the same size, or is the old one bigger? Also, what is everyone's opinion of them? I have found a few on eBay for sale, but am hesitant to purchase without seeing. I need help!! I need a big, fashionable, durable bag. I am a interior deisgner with 4 kids, so I must be able to use it! Thanks so much!
  2. Yes its different, if you search eBay or old catalogs you may be able to find the pics. The mandy is a great bag IMO. Good luck and welcome to the pf
  3. the leather shoulder tote from last year is HUGE. Plus, the biggest thing I didn't like about it was the HUGE flap you had to lift to get into it. The mandy is still big, but not too big, IMO the Mandy is much better.
  4. But is the Mandy large enough to easily wear on your shoulder? I have used the bag scaler, but I think it's so hard to tell on that! Please help!:smile:
  5. yes, it can definitely go on your shoulder.
  6. Does anyone know where I can see a photo of the Legacy SHoulder Tote on a person? I have found several on eBay, but it doesn't show it on someone. PLease help...I am obsessed with this (old) bag!:p
  7. i've seen them at the outlets recently for less than half price, like $319
  8. Thanks for all the info. You all really know your stuff! I am so, so glad I found this forum. I honestly thought I was the only person who could think about silly bags as much as I do! ANyway, I have deided that it's too big. I am going to go with either the Mandy or the Legacy Oxford SLim Tote. Again, thanks so much and I'm glad I found this place!!:yahoo:
  9. I think it's a good choice. That shoulder pocket tote is just enormous, and I usually LOVE big bags, but that has a dogleash clip you have to undo, then a HUGE flap that you have to lift up just to get into it. IMO, the Mandy will be a much better choice and you'll get the same features (pockets on the front, etc)

    welcome to TPF!!
  10. Thanks again for all the info. I have definitely decided to get the mandy. I bought a legacy stripe ponytail scarf to tie on the front. I also found a legacy stripe wristlet at the outlet, while out of town this weekend. Now, the question is, what wallet to get?:confused1:
    It lloks like there is not a legacy leather in whiskey, which is the color I plan to get.
    Any suggestions??
  11. OOOO I love the first one!!!! Very very nice! Welcome to TPF!
  12. I have the legacy shoulder pocket tote in white and brown. The white was a more recent, used, acquisition. Seeing the type of leather and the discoloration it undergoes in the white color...I was glad I scored it used.

    Due to the leather type, I doubt one could really avoid the discoloration...but to me, it makes it look "antique" which enhances it's beauty.

    the brown I really love. I found a belt so that I could extend the strap and I wear it cross body.:wlae:
    It REALLY works well that way.

    I saw it when it was first out, when I was in Vegas, and I became obsessed and had to have it. At the time I bought it, I couldn't afford it, but I swung it anyway.

    Happy. It's huge, ginourmous...but I love it.