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  1. Im thinking about getting the mandy during the PCE.

    I know I'm in love with this style, but I need to pick a color.

    I don't like the khaki/gold combo.
    And I like the brass/black/gold BUT I have the medium signature Carly in the same color AND the large leather carly in the same color scheme.

    Then there's the leather...

    I LOVE the leather mandy in natural, but I already have the shoulder bag in natural (smaller version)

    And I love the whiskey but I already have the Ali in whiskey.

    And I love the white but I already have the ergo in white so I don't need two white purses, I won't carry them often enough to justify having two.

    I think the brass/khaki/ebony is the best option, because I'm getting rid of my brass/khaki/ebony legacy zip, but I want to see pics of it on someone before I order it (local boutique doesn't have it)

    Any recommendations on a color?
    Anyone that can share modeling pics?

    And a side question...does the Mandy look 'cheap' in signature to you guys? Cheap isn't the right word. Because it's definitely not cheap! I can't explain what I'm trying to say...I just remember seeing the leather/whiskey mandy and the brass/black mandy side by side and being wowed by the leather just looked more elegant, classy and rich.

    Does anyone else feel that way?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. What about a black leather Mandy? That is the color I would probably buy. I LOVE the Legacy bags done in all leather. I don't think the signature looks cheap but there is something about the vintage leather that I am really drawn to. The one signature combo I do find very eye appealing is the khaki/white but I don't think it is available anymore.
  3. I had the shoulder zip in black leather and I hated the way the color and the creasing looked over time.

    That coupled with the fact that I have the 2 carlys in black and a sig clip hobo in black made the black mandy a no go for me.

    You are right, the khaki/white is gorgeous!
  4. I love the black signature mandy, but I just can't make myself love the brass hardware. that's the only thing keeping me from it (and the weight)

    I don't think they look cheap, but it is true that the leather would definitely last forever where sig does sometimes start to fray etc over time
  5. how about the brown? it's different enough from the natural and whiskey.
  6. I have the brass/khaki/ebony Mandy and absolutely LOVE how it looks!:yes:

    I'm sure once you try them on at the store, you will decide which color looks best for you!
  7. :heart:
    that's what I have too. I :heart::heart::heart: it.
  8. I'm just not into the signature Legacy stuff. I always gravitate towards the leather, so I'm no help with that. I know I tried a white leather Mandy on at the San Marcos Outlet earlier this year and it almost killed me not to get it. That bag is SO gorgeous in white.
  9. I LOVE THE KHAKI color that come sin the satchel.
    Oh if they only made the Mandy in that color, my choice would be made.
  10. maybe you should wait until they come out with the new legacy stuff for fall
  11. I have the Mandy in Whiskey and also one in signature and ebony which I love both and the bag sits nice on the shoulder or at least I do not have a problem and I had shoulder problems and also back surgery. I got them at the last PCE. I did have the Mandy in sig/white which was really sharp and the only reason I returned it was the ebony sig was out of stock during PCE so I got it to exchange it when it did come in stock. I really had a hard time deciding.
  12. PyAri:

    I am glad you finally got your shoulder bag in the Natural. As for the Mandy I think you should wait
    until the Fall and get something from the New legacy line. They are going to have a new clay color and bottle green. I am getting a bag in Bottle green. I really love all shades of green. Hold off because the
    fall will bring lots of new items.

  13. I think that you should wait until the fall to see what new legacy items come out. I've got a Coach credit burning a hole in my pocket but I've decided I'm going to wait to see what the fall brings b /c I LOVE legacy and want to see the new colors.

    That's my vote!
  14. I know you said you already have a bag in whiskey, but just look how beautiful the mandy is in this shade: I adore mine. :heart:

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