Mandy has gone in for repair......

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  1. I had to take my beloved Legacy Whiskey Mandy to the Coach Store to have it repaired. The sewing where the strap and bag meet is coming apart. I have had it only for 1 yr and can count how many times I have carried her. I was actually panicking :sweatdrop:when i handed it over to the SA. I told her it had hardly any wear and if it came back altered i.e...scratches,scuffs, etc, I would be very displeased.........I love this back. My FDH said I looked a bit stressed:wtf:. I treasure all my bags.....but Mandy is my HG bag. Now I have to wait 4-6 weeks. I am saying prayers for a speedy return.
  2. All the best on its safe returned. I hope the repair will be perfect this time.

    Take care,
  3. Good Luck.....I'm sure she will come home safe and sound :smile:
  4. I hope your bag comes back safe and sound! Honestly, there are some bags I feel the exact same way, and I would be afraid to send them off to JAX, just in terms of loss as well as the wait. I usually try to deal with the issues myself rather than taking a chance. So I totally know where you're coming from! However, that said, I've seen pics of repaired bags, and they look great! That is, when they actually repair them. In some cases, you just get the bag back and a certificate. Good luck!
  5. Good Luck. I'm sure your bag will come bck to youlooking better than ever. Keep us posted.
  6. I'm sure your baby will be back as good as new!
  7. Good luck! I know how you feel because my Mandy is my HG bag too. But JAX knows they will have to replace your bag if it's damaged or lost so I wouldn't worry too much. ;)
  8. Thanks for all the support.........she is just an awesome bag, in my opinion the best Coach has ever produced in a while...........Thanks guys!
  9. i'll be thinking of you! i'm sure they'll take good care of her and know that she scratches up easily and take extra precaution:heart:
  10. Oh, I feel for you! My whiskey Mandy is my most treasured bag! They are getting really hard to find too. I'm sure it will come back fine. Post when you get her back and let us know the outcome!
  11. I'm sure they will repair it and she will come back gorgeous! Good luck!