Mandy for Mandy

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  1. (My name is Amanda of course!!) The SAs must have thought I was insane when I went to pick these up at the boutique... I was like gimme Gimme GIMME!! :yahoo:

    (more pics in a few seconds)
    Legacyslim.jpg legacyslimback.jpg mandy.jpg Mandeeliner.jpg
  2. More:
    Mandlegacy.jpg Mandeecollectionsmall.jpg
  3. GORGEOUS:drool::drool::drool:
  4. I'm also getting a legacy coin purse from candypalmer (off of eBay) but I couldn't wait to post these pics! I will definitely post everything all together after I get it :nuts:
  5. Oooohhh, very yummy mandy!!! And I love that little red sig coin purse! CONGRATS!
  6. The whiskey Mandy smells delicious BTW... and I love the coin purse too!! eBay...and a must have for my red sig demi.

    Yes, this picture is :nogood::
  7. Wow! :nuts: Great haul! :tup: Congrats! :yahoo:
  8. GORGEOUS! Congrats!
  9. wow the mandy looks great on you!
  10. Thanks everyone :smile:... it's SO comfortable on my shoulder. The two SAs that pulled it out of the bag at the boutique (one was a guy) kept commenting on how heavy it was. I didn't think it was that heavy? Yay for me I guess..
  11. *i want that bag now!! did you know its big enough for a macbook? i remmeber when i was shopping for my first coach bag at the coach store, i put it in there and it fit perfectly!!

  12. Hehe...nice! Too bad I have a huge Toshiba laptop :rolleyes:... You should definitely invest in a Mandy though. Oh my God I was SO excited when I picked it up. It's just so comfortable and so beautiful. I've only taken it out twice and I've already received many compliments. Just a gorgeous, classic bag. Get it Get it Get it Get it Get it Get it Get it Get it Get it Get it Get it Get it! :angel:
  13. Beautiful Legacy items. Love those red ones too. Congrats!
  14. i need moolah first lol!!! i remember they had the suede one in plum and charcoal and now i kick myself for not getting them!! they were like 200-300 or something!!
  15. :drool:

    Me thinks me wants a Mandy now.....