Mandy and the Outlets

  1. I keep hearing that Mandy is showing up at the outlet this true??????

    If so, I also heard there's a big outlet sale over July 4..if THAT'S true, maybe Mandy will finally be mine! :yahoo:
  2. so far they've just been very hit or miss, except for the suede mandys from last year which have been around.
  3. I would die if I found one at the outlet!

    I have always wanted a Mandy-- but can't justify that much money. :sad:
  4. I've only seen the charcoal and plum suede mandys at the San Marcos outlet--suede is a tough sell in a state where it's so friggin' hot so much of the year!

    Good luck! Do you have a PCE card? You could order one and it would save you a litle over 200 bucks, I think..that's pretty huge.

    I wouldn't expect that the leather mandy's woud get discounted much at the outlet--there too popular.

    Maybe eBay?
  5. If there's a specific outlet you're going to, give them the style number and ask them to hold it for you....they will call you when it comes in.. I've done this several times, and they're really good about following up on it (at least in SM). That way, you won't have to be in the outlet the moment it hits the shelves b/c things disappear faster than Houdini in a theme park. It's nuts!:nuts:

    My dad was in the military his whole life, and he'd tell me a war story. I'd counter with, "You wanna see combat? Try getting a hot handbag at Coach during a big sale!"

    He's amused, but not totally buying the comparison.:nogood:
  6. I do have the card, but I used it for an Ali instead. I used my spendable cash for her and will have to wait until next month to even consider a Mandy. The Ali is more functional for me right now, but I thought if I ran into a Mandy over the 4th that was priced really, really well, maybe I could get both. But I don't want a suede one...

    Oh well, I'll get her someday. :graucho:
  7. oh I know! WHY did they send so many of those danged things to San Marcos! I live in Dallas where it gets a little bit colder than San Marcos and I still NEVER carry all suede bags. Send them to New England, the Midwest, they'll sell up there.
  8. I've never tried one on in person. In theory I am in love with it. If I tried it on.. who knows. I would LOVE to come across one at Wrentham..
  9. Per the Outlet the Leather Mandy won't be in the outlets until a year or so per the associates at Coach
    What is a PCE card.. I am new to this site
  10. never listen to outlet sas.. most of the itme they dont know crap!

    i saw 2 mandys at the outlet at hershey
  11. I got my white Mandy at the outlet for 50% off. I also got another one - charcoal suede and metallic - for only...get this...$250!!! And like a big dummy, I returned it because I already had a Mandy and I already had an Ali charcoal suede metallic. I also got a black Mandy for 1/2 price and had to return it because the stitching was coming apart. Another mistake because I didn't think about it being under warranty and I could have had them just exchange it. I kick myself for returning those bags.