Mandy and Ergo

  1. Two questions:

    1) How big is Mandy, really? I'm trying to visualize it and I never remember to check when I am in the store.

    2) Do I want a vintage leather Ergo hobo? Because I'm thinking I do, but I'm kind of on the fence. I have a signature Carly, and wonder if the Carly and Ergo hobo kind of play the same role in a handbag collection...

    Thanks in advance for your expert advice!
    ~ Cheryl
  2. I would go try them on at the store if possible. The mandy is on the heavy side and the ergo feels a lot lighter. I really think Carly and Ergo are different enough that you could have both.
  3. The Mandy is roughly the same size as the legacy satchel (the cotton satchel too if your store has it), but it fits on your shoulder. It weighs about the same as the cotton satchel.
  4. the mandy is heavy, but totally gorgeous! the ergo is waaaayyy lighter, but i didn't like it (bought it and returned it).

    i have modeling pics around here somewhere with each.
  5. I've tried on the mandy before and it is beautiful but really heavy...The ergo leather is much lighter, especially if you're going to be carrying a lot in the bag.

    Hope that helps!

  6. I was interested in seeing the pics so I searched for them. here's the thread if you were wondering about the Mandy...
  7. Well, I went and tried them both on. I had my daughter in her sling, because realistically whatever I carry, I need to be able to carry it WHILE carrying her.

    The Mandy made me feel like I was carrying two of her. It was gorgeous, and my store still has a Whiskey, which I have been lemming. But then I tried on the Ergo, and it seems to have more capacity than the Mandy while being literally light as air. And, added bonus, it stays on my shoulder even on the arm that the sling rides over - effortless wear!

    So here's a picture of my new baby: vintage leather ergo large hobo. If you look real close, you can also see my husband's scotch collection in the background (haha, that's how I get away with shopping at all, everrrrr.) Sorry for the blur - I took this with my MacBook, and it's not really the best suited for such things.
    Photo 203.jpg
  8. My SA just bought this bag... It is a big bag but it is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  9. I like that it's big. It draws attention away from my butt. ;) Also, it kind of hugs me. It feels really nice.

  10. The Mandy is quite big and heavy. I have not used it yet after having it for about 5 months, but I just can't bring myself to return it!
  11. I LOVE the Mandy, it's GORGEOUS, but it is heavy. The ergo is much lighter (less heavy hardware)
  12. I think you made the right decision. The bag looks fabulous on you! I have the vachetta ergo tote and adore it. Mine is already starting to develop that patina too. I just realized it the other day when I noticed that the color of the hangtag is now very distinctly lighter than the color of the bag. *L*

    And no, I don't think ergo and Carly fulfill the same space in a collection. They're definitely different bags with a different feel. Carly is more sophisticated I think, and ergo is more laid back and summer cool.
  13. Thanks! 24 hours later, I'm certain I made the right choice, this bag ois so comfortable and allows me a) easy access to the stuff inside and b) hands-free stuff toting which is essential with a baby. Now it has a spot on it, my DH splashed a drop of something on it and I'm scared to do anything to clean it that will make it worse (it's such a tiny spot, slightly darker, but I can see it like a bulls-eye whenever I look at it. :sad: But mostly I'm just afraid to put it down on something scratchy or sharp and get it all beat up too soon.

    I can't wait for the patina. Yay, a new personal bag changing experience!

  14. Size wise, how did they compare?! (outside not capacity?) I just bought a Mandy but don't have it yet & I'm hoping I didn't go too big!
  15. I think that the ergo is a little longer, but if I recall correctly is a similar height. The ergo seems to have more undivided interior room, whereas the mandy has the two big pockets on the outside front.

    I wish I could be more objective, but I kind of had gone into the store with my mind already made up.