Mandie_044's first reveal! :)

  1. Congrats, on those crystal pythons!. I have them in lady Daf. the skin is so cool!
  2. The VPs are gorgeous!
  3. Congrats, they are beautiful!
  4. congrats! You have a great versatile collection
  5. What a stunning pair! They look amazing on you.
    What a nice collection you got going on!
  6. You have started a very nice collection!! I really love your black python VP
    s and I am super picky on black shoes. Are they the crystal python?
    Twins on the MBB!!!
  7. gorgeous pieces!! the beige MBBs are perfect!!
  8. Thanks dbeth!
    They are crystal python! I had my heart set on black VPs leather with the red tip, but I saw these and fell in love :smile: How much do you love your MBBs....they are incredible shoes!
  9. Thanks Lizzie!
    I've never seen the crystal python, they are so beautiful!
  10. Thank you so much everyone :biggrin:

  11. I thought they were the crystal!! Gorgeous! I really do love my MBB but for some reason I don't wear them, I think I have worn them once or twice.
  12. Love the collection Mandie!!!
    All gorgeous!!!
  13. Gorgeous VPs!!! Congrats!!
  14. Thanks Stilly!
    That's quite a nice comment coming from someone with such a FABULOUS collection ;)
  15. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them all!!!!