Mandeville or montego ombre checkerboard

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  1. So after looking for a kingston in cheetah near me and having no luck I think I am gonna get a ombre checkerboard I want the montego but I also would like the b&w checkerboard in the montego I don't like the b&w in the Mandeville but this would be my third Mandeville so what do you think to checkerboard Montego to much?
  2. I am confused. Are you wanting the Ombre Check Montego or the BW??
  3. I thought I wanted both but there is too much light leather on the bottom of the ombre I ended up getting the the Mandeville I love that pic some posted of Gwen with the alston and I don't think I can use more then one alston and I want wl so ill post pics when I get home
  4. Cool, can't wait to see the pics.
  5. i think the ombre checkerboard looks better on smaller bag since the print is too busy IMHO.. for B&W, it was mandeville that changed my mind all of the sudden from "ehhhh" to "cute!"..
  6. Yep I didn't like the BW Checkerboard until I saw the Mandeville. The Commodore looks pretty awesome too. :graucho: