Mandarin orange color??

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  1. thank you, frankie!!
  2. Here are 2 pics of my Mandarin First. I love this color. It's rich and vivid!

    Natual Light:


    Indoor with flash



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  3. It's such a gorgeous colour that totally pops!
  4. Love this color!!! However, I've looked at quite a few bags ... but like the Bouton d'Or, they all seem to be rather dry & flaky (the reason why I ended up never getting a Bouton d'Or bag :crybaby:). What do you folks think; have you found the same to be true?
  5. Hi CeeJay, the leather on my Mandarin first is not dry at all, it's buttery soft and fluffy with very light distressing, as you could see in my pics. However, I did see some Mandarin with different leather which looks dry. There were 2 Mandarin First in Holt Renfrew and the other is totally different to mine. So I guess you have to hand pick the leather in the store.
  6. Yes *the-chus*, you're bag looks WONDERFUL ... exactly the type of leather that I'm looking for. But, so far ... just like the Bouton d'Or ... all the stores in the area who carry Balenciaga DID NOT seem get the pick of the litter; they are all dry & flaky (I would be afraid to use them for fear that the dye is going to flake off!). It really bums me out; I've missed out on all these great colors because we seem to get the motherload-of-crappy bags here ... :cursing: :Push:!!!!
  7. The mardarin is brighter than the photos. It is gorgeous!!! The leather is not dry on the one I have.
  8. The leather on my Mandarin Work is not dry, either. I love my bag--it was a splurge just prior to my New Year's ban, and I have NO regrets. Gorgeous, versatile color--it's just a scrumptious bag!

    Awww, Ceejay, I hope that the stores in your area start getting better leathers--it's awful when you really like a color, but the quality of the selection at nearby stores is sub-par!
  9. I just love mandarin!
  10. Mandarin is actually a very easy color to work with your wardrobe.
    Not overly bright but enough for splash of color. And like others mentioned, leather on Mandarin is so smooth and soft, not overly distressed. I can just hug it to sleep!!!
    So grab one before its all gone!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  11. It's such a juicy color! I saw some at Barney's NYC this weekend and the leather looked good.
  12. The leather on mine is a touch dry - not flaky - just almost very very slight sandpaper feel. I've treated her with LMB and she's better... but not as soft as my other Bbags. I'm going to investigate Lubriderm...

    BUT as far as looks go - she is gorgeous with very nice color saturation.
  13. i need some Vitamin C! :yes:
    i need a Mandarin!