Mandarin orange color in LV Epi

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  1. Hi all,

    I am interested in the purchasing the noe in mandarin orange. My concern is the color and keeping this bag clean. I would appreciate anyone's input on this...also how to do you clean this bag?
  2. It's really easy to keep clean. I carry mine in the rain because there isn't any vachetta on it to worry about getting wet. It's really simple. Just take care of it as you would any other bag..don't bash it around or deliberately get it dirty, of course, and you should be fine. It's pretty easy to take care of. Here's a pic of my Jasmin:
  3. Mandarin is one of my fav. color for epi, it's very warm and hip!

    I do also own a epi jasmin (in black) and it's really easy to keep clean and it still looks new after a couple of years! I highly recommend epi because it's understated and I consider it a classic.

    Lvbabydoll- love your mandarin jasmin!
  4. I have a manadrin speedy 25 back home (meaning no pic with me right now) and I've had it for over 2 years, never cleaned it yet, and it looks fine. I wouldn't be too worried about it getting dirty unless you let it roll around. :smile:
  5. Go for it!! The mandarin is such a pretty color. Initially I had concerns about the bright color and after selling some mandarin items and having huge regrets, I realized how much I missed it and had to repurchase them so I wouldn't hesitate about it. It adds a nice touch of color!
  6. I love the mandarin orange color!!! Who cares whether orange is in or out? Orange matches with every clothes and brightens up the day!!
  7. i adore the mandarin epi!! i am still looking for the speedy it's such a great vibrant color
  8. The epi line is definitely one of the easier to care for Louis Vuitton lines, really, all you'd have to do to care for your bag is just give it a little rubdown at the end of the day ! ;)
  9. Epi is super easy to maintain. Love the mandarin!
  10. I love mandarin epi! I had a mandarin ludlow a while back that I purchased at the same time as my khaki noelie (I adore bright accessories in the depths of an otherwise darker bag!) It's a shame that little ludlow was too small for my needs, so I sold it. Since then, I've been craving something new in mandarin epi. A speedy 25 would definitely be at the top of my list!

    LVbabydoll, your Jasmin is gorgeous!!! :smile:
  11. I love the mandarin epi.
  12. Spring/summer is approaching! It is absolutely stunning to have Mandarin epi bag in this time of the year!

  13. I would buy a epi manadrin they look so nice.
  14. Epi is wonderful and nearly indestructible, too! You can clean the alcantara lining with Woolite if you get pen on it, and on the outside a Mr. Clean magic eraser can take off light marks (but rub gently, or the color will come off, too!)

    The only probably with Mandarin Epi is I have heard a few people got bags where the dye was kind of strong smelling. So if you can handle (and smell) it first before buying that would be best! ;)
  15. Thanks for the input!! I just ordered the petit noe. This will be my first LV..I am so excited!!:nuts: