Mandarin OR Blueberry Petit NOE?? Which is more versatile?

  1. I have been trying to decide on my first epi bag and am somewhat leaning on the Petit Noe. Which color would you get Noe in? I love both colors and it's so hard to decide!:amuse: Which is more versatile?
  2. Love the Noe! I think it looks great in either red or mandarin.
  3. Go with MANDARIN!!!:love:
  4. Either colour is fine. Whether one is more versatile than the other depends on the colour scheme of your wardrobe.
  5. The mandarin is just gorgeous in person!
  6. I have finally decided to get Petit Noe in Mandarin and my local LV stores are out in mandarin. They have some display pieces, but they are all dirty. They mentioned new shipments will still arrive, but just don't know when. According to my SA, the color is not being discontinued yet. And Elux doesn't ship outside states. I'll just have to be patient i guess....
  7. Mandarin is a very pretty color and surprisingly, goes with a lot. It's a very happy color. Hope you enjoy your noe.
  8. out of the two, i prefer the blueberry, but i have a black one and i really love it!
  9. Alas, my search for the perfect mandarin noe continues. I went by LV again today and they had one new Noe in stock!! But it had a huge scratch on the front surface and the shoulder strap was creasing up!! (it was a new piece!! Plastic wrapped and paper cover hardware and all!!)

    Frankly, I am surprised at the poor quality of the LV bags.... it kinda turned me off a little. But i am still in love with the mandarin noe ....

    I actually contemplated on getting the mandarin alma or speedy today. Might not be all that bad either.
  10. If you wear a lot of denim, I think the myrtille would look lovely. However, I'm partial to mandarin. :love:
  11. Can I vote for Mandarin once more?:lol:
  12. I wear lots of denim and to be frank, i actually liked myrtille for a long time. I was first in LV with the intent of buying a myrtille Noe. My SA showed me several myrtille noe and they all had rusty/oxidised hardware!! She said the newer batch will come in shiny hardware and should be more rust-resistant.

    During that time, there was a Mandarin Noe on display and my bf suggested i try this color. It instantly brightened up my face!! I was surprised at how much i liked the mandarin color when i had never given it a second thought. Now that i really want it, i can't have it. This feeling sucks.

    LV_addict, you have beautiful mandarin speedy and yes, you can vote for Mandarin again. I tried on the speedy 25 in epi mandarin today and i had to sorta force and hold open the zipper top. i noticed when i did that, the front and back creased up a little. It seemed like it had the potential to crease up in the long run. Does anyone have difficulties reaching for stuffs in the epi speedy??

    I have the monogram speedy and i was not as bad as the epi speedy. Maybe Alma would be better. But my dad said "It's a nice bag(the alma), maybe you should get it five years later. I like the noe on you." sigh.
  13. Yes! I had a Toledo Blue 25, and even though I loved the color, and the look, I couldn't stand fighting to get my things in & out. The zipper is just entirely too short. Such a shame - it's a great looking bag. :sad:
  14. would a 30 make it better? you think?
  15. It is not easy to reach into the epi speedy, and there are creases on mind, in the middle of the zipper. But it is unavoidable, and I can't worry about the creases and stop using the bag. But I admit I don't use it often, and the zipper scratches my hand every time I reach into the bag. I still love the look of the epi speedy. I would love to have a mandarin speedy, but the above mentioned reason stopped me from buying one.

    I love my toledo blue petit noe, it's such a versatile colour, so easy to wear. And it fits loads, I once said that the 30 speedy fits more, I correct myself now, the petit noe fits same amout as the speedy if not more because you can leave it open. I will never leave a bottle of water lying inside the speedy, but I can just stand it up in the noe.

    Good luck with the search of the mandarin noe.