Mandarin Jasmin???

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  1. Hi LV lovers!!!

    I need an opinion.... I happen to "stumble" across the VERY LAST mandarin Jasmin in our town store!!! I already have the mandarin colour in the Speedy...

    so the million dollar question is should I get it? since it's a discontinued (& beautiful!) color? (even though my allowance at the moment suggests that I should wait since I just stocked up on a couple of the Suhali line)

    thanx in advance guys!!!
  2. If you have the money, get it. I was looking at a Mandarin today but it's too tiny for me.
  3. It´s gooorgeous!
  4. its a grogeous color. but as u already have the speedy maybe you should hold out a bit.. and wait.
  5. I recently got a small assessory piece in Mandarin and just love the color. Is your speedy 25 or 30, guess that is what I'd need to know before I say yes or no. I'm leaning to no anyway as you may feel you have overspent lately...
  6. I wouldn't since you have the speedy.
  7. mandarin is a gorgeous color.. i love it! go for it :smile:
  8. mandarin is a great color!!! also jasmin is a great bag...

    so i think it's just a great combination :smile:
  9. jasmin is a lovely bag but I think your are tempted because its going go be discontinued in the mandarin.

    I think you should not buy the bag because you already have the colour in the speedy plus you have already bought some LV.

    I hope I don't sound like a boring so and so, just giving some sensible advice :smile:
  10. I personally wouldn't b/c I like to have different colors. Since you already have the mandarin speedy, it seems nonsensical to get the jasmin in the same color.

    I'd rather get the black.
  11. I agree with Lawless. Mandarin is a beautiful color but very distinctive--possibly too much of a good thing. I'd hold off since you've just laid out so big bucks for the Suhaliis and then get the Jasmin (a totally rockin' bag btw) at a later date in a different color--black or the new tobacco color whose name escapes me.
  12. get it if u WANT, LOVE and can afford it.
  13. Go get it..I know Rebecca has one and looks fantastic on her. Very refreshing color..
  14. If you want it and can afford it, get it! :yes: