Mandarin epi wallet or mono??

  1. I have narrowed it down to the french purse (I love the look of it)...I know I should get the mono because I am always afraid of things getting worn and some people said epi wears at the edges. Everything in my bag is mono except for the little damier pouch. Elux has a mandarin epi though and it is the prettiest thing! I loved Irene's...what should I do? I would be sick if it looked worn in a year because for that price I should be using this wallet ten years from now:shrugs: .
  2. i would go for the epi! if you take care of it i'm sure it'll last you a good long time. the mandarin is stunning and since you already have a lot of mono the epi would look great!
  3. I had epi french purse in Mandarin and LOVED it. Very fun color!!! The only reason I would recommend mono over epi (I am talking about small epi accessories in bright colors) is because mono is virtually INDESTRUCTIBLE where as on epi pieces in bright colors you see every nick-nack.:idea:
  4. thanks so much both of you...I am so terrible, can never make up my mind! The epi is gorgeous but I am afraid of the dark scuffs at the edges. I am just worried that I am boring (or rather the inside of my bag is boring!) because it's all mono?
  5. as much as i love mandarin epi, i might go with mono/damier because in the long term mandarin epi would getting dirty as u mentioned..

    but either one is gorgeus though :heart:
  6. I think that you are right....mono it is!
  7. why dont u go with damier, Kimmi?

    its still classic but it looks different from mono, just in case if u bored of mono
  8. Damier is pretty husband saw it and loved it best! BTW, only I could make a simple wallet such a dilemma...thanks for the help:yes: !
  9. I would get the Mandarin epi. It does not get dirty as easily as you think!! Plus, LV is discontinuing Mandarin. It's such a stunning color. I have a French Purse in yellow, used it for about a year and it's still in very good condition. And Mandarin goess well with your mono bags too!! Just my two cents!
  10. I have both epi and mono wallets. Mono is durable, epi gets dirty easily.
  11. i'd go for the mono as well.....
  12. Oh yellow! It must be so pretty. Did you have any problems with the edges showing a darker colour? I guess it is wear?
  13. Hi Kimmi, the yellow wore off a little bit at the corners, but not noticeable. If you have your heart set on an epi, I would encourage you to go for it.

    I was lucky to be able to get the yellow epi French Purse from the boutique. I really like the yellow and purple combination!
  14. i was torn between the mandarin epi and mono too. i chose the mandarin epi and i love it:love: i've had it for about 2-3 weeks now. yeah it can get dirty easily but i just wipe it off with a slightly damp towel and wipe it w/ the dry side. the brighter colors do show off the little marks here and there so if you're really worried, i'd get the mono or damier. but the mandarin goes well with any mono purse... and epi just smells sooo good:graucho: what about other epi colors, like red?
    its really up to you!
  15. I decided to buy a mono wallet. I am hard on wallets, and was afraid that an epi would show wear way too fast. I just got my wallet today, and I'm hoping it will last for a long time.