Mandarin Epi--I can't decide...

  1. ... speedy 25 or jasmin? They are both too cute. I love this orange color.... I think epi looks greatest in bright colors with its subdued design. Any opinions on this one?
  2. i think speedy... =)
  3. I have the speedy in this color and I LOVE it to death. :love:
  4. speedy!!
  5. Love the speedy in mandarin
  6. You guys are making this way too easy!
  7. I also think epi looks the best in vibrant colors. Right now, the epi line does not have enough "life" to it. The color selection is not the best. To answer your question, I would go with the jasmine since it can only be found in the epi line. I get so many compliments on my mandarin jasmine.
  8. LOVE the jasmin. There's so many speedies out there. :lol:

  9. Yes, the speedy is offered in almost all the LV lines. Please do not get me wrong, I LOVE my speedy, but I do like to look different at times.
  10. Jasmin, it's so feminine and chic !
  11. I personally prefer Jasmin!!
    It really depends on your need. If you are looking for a bag that fits tons of stuff, speedy is the one!:lol:
  12. I prefer the Jasmin too! I love the shape!
  13. Speedy. Duh! :nuts:
  14. JASMIN
  15. Jasmin!