mandarin epi french wallet

  1. hi guys i'm inerested in getting the mandarin epi frech wallet. i've seen pics on elux and i really want to get it:love:. i need suggestions. is it too bright? anyone has actual pics, if so pls post them. thank u!
  2. I have many items in the mandarin color. Personally, I do not think it is too bright. Sorry, but I do not have that item. I would suggest that you go for it....
  3. here is the pti

    and her is Irenes mandarin french. see attached​
  4. I have a mandarin mont bill something wallet (I have no clue what it's called). It's definately not too bright. I love it and am carrying it now since Halloween is coming up. I should really carry my Mandarin Jasmin with it but I can't fit all of my stuff in it!
  5. thanks smith i saw the thread from the LV club house and saw a couple of them. i am going for it! i love it!!! :yes:
  6. I'm getting it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:thanks bagfetish
  7. Good for you.....Enjoy it....:yahoo:
  8. It's such a pretty color. I'd get something ASAP cause if I'm not mistaken, the color is being discontinued.
  9. epifw.jpg



    i got them!!!
  10. ^^ beautiful, goes nice with the monogram.
  11. I see you have 2 cards in most slots, do you find it hard to close ?
  12. It's stunning! Great choice!:love:
  13. Mandarin is so cheery.
  14. it wasn't hard to close but it felt like its gonna get stretched so i now only put 1 card in each, the rest is in my cles.
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